Dizzy City by Nicholas Griffin

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Most people are fascinated by the con job, myself included.  Maybe it’s the mystery of the underworld, perhaps it’s the brilliance of schemes most of us are too moral to contemplate.  Whatever our motives for finding enjoyment in con jobs, one can look to books and movies like “The [...]

The Sam Lamont Band - Good Intentions CD Giveaway

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When I first gave The Sam Lamont Band a listen, I knew it was my kind of band.  What I didn’t immediately pick up on was the why - the “Steve Miller” why of my attration.  I’m a longtime Miller fan - been to a few concerts, have the [...]

Malam Maman Barka: Guidan Haya

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Right from girlhood I’ve always dreamed of traveling through the continent of Africa.  The cultures found there are only as diverse as the imagination; the people, the scenery, and of course the music.  And since I have such a great desire to share with you music and books from [...]

Ragani Ancient Spirit CD Giveaway

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Amy of BC, Canada - you’ve won!  Enjoy the music…

I told you carp(e) libris reviews would be adding indie music reviews and giveaways, and today we start!  Our very first review is for the new Ragani CD, Ancient Spirit.  It’s a perfect way to begin [...]

Lands’ End Cable Knit Throw Giveaway

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What’s better in blustery January than snuggling in with a good book and a favorite throw?  Land’s End sells a wonderfully warm Combed Cotton Cable Knit Throw, perfect for long, luxurious Sunday afternoons with your favorite novel.  I’ve been enjoying a Land’s End throw myself, and [...]

Renaissance Art Leather Journal Giveaway

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Congratulations to Leah, winner of this beautiful leather journal!  It’s on its way to you, so we wish you happy and inspired writing!

Between my two blogs, I review literally hundreds of items. I get the opportunity to write about some pretty outstanding things, [...]

carp(e) libris reviews - 2008 in Retrospect

While it’s still January, I thought it would be fun to recap the year 2008 and what it’s meant for carp(e) libris reviews.  I started this blog right before Christmas in 2007, so it’s been 13 months since it all began.  How many books have I read? 92 books for this blog and 8 more [...]

Hapa Girl: A Memoir by May-Lee Chai

When a Chinese American man marries a white American woman in 1950’s California, no one thinks twice.  Move them to New Jersey, surrounded by a  multitude of races and nearby New York culture, add the turbulent ’60s and fights for equal rights, and you may have some uncomfortable bumps while America stretches and groans to [...]

The Fourth Canvas by Rana Bose

After his life’s work is stolen, writer and philosopher Guillermo Sanchez turns to painting as a form of expression - until he is found dead, drowned in the Seine.  About 25 years later, Claude Chiragi decides to learn the secrets behind a series of Sanchez’s paintings and the mystery behind the artist’s death.  What will [...]

Churchill’s Hour - A Novel of Defiance - by Michael Dobbs

One of the great perks of reading is having the ability to leap across the boundaries of time and space.  How else could one ever have the opportunity to follow Winston Churchill, peak into his private life, and perhaps see how the famous old bear really lived?  Michael Dobbs presents his readers with just such [...]


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