“Water Ghosts” - Formerly “Locke 1928″ by Shawna Yang Ryan

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If you’ve been visiting this blog long enough, perhaps you remember one of my favorite books from 2008, Locke 1928 by Shawna Yang Ryan.  I love being able to follow up on authors whose works I’ve reviewed, and it’s such a great feeling to discover a book I favored is going [...]

Nabil Khemir - RayJam EP Music Giveaway

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Nabil Khemir’s music commands a lot of attention. And why not?  His unique style of jazz fusion incorporates the incredible hybrid instrument, the RayJam, which was created by Khemir himself.  This one-of-a-kind electric guitar/lute combo allows Khemir to seamlessly move back and forth between the two instrumental sounds, producing a flavor [...]

Bomba! Cuatro Caminos CD Giveaway

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I’m a sucker for Latin jazz, especially the likes of Afro-Cuban and the sounds of the Charanga era.  Perhaps that’s why I’ve found myself lost in the sounds of Bomba, a latin-jazz group based out of Toronto, Canada.  The clean sounds of Cuban and improvisational jazz have been a real treat [...]

Special Week of Giveaways at dkMommy Spot

I wanted to make sure everyone who reads carp(e) libris reviews knows about a special week at my other blog, dkMommy Spot.  Starting today (April 20, 2023) we’re having a full week of giveaways and informative articles to help raise awareness of breast cancer prevention.  Please stop by and feel free to enter the giveaways! [...]

Ryan Krusac Studios Hand Made Pens - Giveaway

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“My name is Diane Kidman and I’m a pen addict.” That felt really good to confess.  You see,  I love the physical act of writing - in fact, I write a lot of my reviews by hand; even wrote this review by hand and with a most incredible writing instrument.  Ryan [...]

Voice Over by Breyten Breytenbach

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Written in honor of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, Voice Over is a collection of poetry which serves as a final farewell to Breyten Breytenbach’s dear friend.  The series of poems found in Voice Over were created shortly after the death of Darwish, and they were written as the author traveled through [...]

The House Without a Key - A Charlie Chan Mystery by Earl Derr Biggers - Giveaway

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One of my favorite genres is mystery.  I like a good pulpy, noir mystery classic; a page turner if you will.  I used to read them all the time.  I still own stacks of old Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen magazines that I can’t seem to part with, but since starting [...]

Henley Von Roastingburg Coffee Giveaway

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What say you to a mug of marvelously different joe?  What if we call it Henley instead?  Henley Von Roastingburg coffee is as unique as its name, and I’ve had quite a taste for it lately.  A micro-batch coffee roasting company, Henley Von Roastingburg offers a selection of beans that are [...]

Lumina by Eoin Duignan - CD Giveaway

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Pulling at the heartstrings of my Irish roots, Eoin Duignan’s original compositions reach deep into the traditional sounds of Ireland.  Lumina, inspired by six stained glass windows found in Diseart Chapel, is expressed through the sound of a beautiful six-part musical suite.  Listeners will be transported to the Emerald Isle by [...]


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