Downriver by Jeanne Leiby - Review and Giveaway

Downriver by Jeanne Leiby is a collection of hard-edged stories placed in the setting of downriver Detroit, Michigan. Each of the 15 stories gives a glimpse into industrial-gray neighborhoods filled with hardworking people struggling to survive. The true-to-life characters all hold onto a hope of something better in their future while striving to [...]

The Writing Circle by Rozena Maart

When I first started reading The Writing Circle by Rozena Maart (TSAR Publications), I immediately began wondering about the character Isabel. Why did she need someone to follow her home from work? Why did her house have large security gates around it, and why was someone supposed to watch for her at the [...]

What is Book Sense? Supporting Your Local Booksellers

If you look to the left of this post, you’ll see a cute little Book Sense logo. That logo will direct you to a website where you can buy books - locally! When you input your zip code, Book Sense will take you to the independent bookseller nearest you where you can purchase [...]

Notes from Nethers by Sandra Eugster

Ever wonder what it was like to live on a commune back in the days of “Make Love, Not War”? Sandra Eugster takes you on a journey to such a place in her honest and revealing memoir Notes from Nethers. Sandra grew up on a West Virginia commune founded by her mother in [...]

Yalo by Elias Khoury

Yalo, written by Elias Khoury and published by Archipelago Books, takes place in war-torn Beirut of the 1980’s where the main character (Yalo) is accused of rape and is imprisoned and tortured. Forced to write his confession, he starts to sort through his twisted memories of childhood, life as a soldier, and the crimes [...]

A Highly Placed Source by Michelle Dally

I’ve read some great books lately, and this next novel is certainly no exception. A Highly Placed Source by Michelle Dally was a fantastic read. John Irving-esque in style, it handles some pretty sensitive subject matter and pulls it off brilliantly. The story line is laugh-out-loud humor blended with sarcasm.

When I say this [...]

The Meat and Spirit Plan Winner!

The winner of The Meat and Spirit Plan is Sheri of …And Finley Makes 3. Congratulations to you!

Also, I must mention the winner of Delta Pearls because even though she already knows she won, I forgot to list it here. That winner is Paige of Superpaige’s Pad. So Paige, congratulations to you as [...]

The Meat and Spirit Plan by Selah Saterstrom - Book Giveaway

The Meat and Spirit Plan is an abstract novel brilliantly written by Selah Saterstrom, author of The Pink Institution. The nameless main character gives her story in edgy snapshots, which catches you up in the rhythm of an often disturbing and bumpy ride. The style reminds one of the free flowing way our [...]

Boxing for Cuba by Guillermo Vincente Vidal

When I recently started carp(e) libris, I had a vision. I wanted to bring books to readers, unique pieces of literature hunted like gold from small presses who publish works as labors of love. I have found one of those books. Boxing for Cuba by Guillermo Vincente Vidal is exactly the kind [...]


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