QuinTango - Triunfal CD Giveaway

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Looking for some sexy music to warm things up for a dramatic evening?  QuinTango’s dynamic chamber tango music is certain to heat you up enough to steam the very windows of your casa.  This tango quintet has just released its fifth CD, Triunfal, and its sound is wonderfully elegant, hot, sexy [...]

Best of Contemporary Mexican Fiction - Short Story Collection

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Covering some of the best Mexican short story writing, Best of Contemporary Mexican Fiction offers an anthology of stories translated from Spanish to English for the first time, all written by some of Mexico’s finest authors born after 1945.  The short fiction ranges from the intellectually stimulating to the humorous with [...]

Pura Vida Coffee Giveaway

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I’m so pleased to introduce you to Pura Vida Coffee.  Not just because they’re an excellent cup of coffee, which to me is an essential part of prying open my eyes in the morning.  But even more important than a fine brew, Pura Vida is using their capacity as a company [...]

Iveroni - Heroic and Love Songs from the Country of Georgia

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With traveling costs out of bounds for many of us during these economic hardships, there is still one way to put yourself into the spirit of a country without the pricey airline ticket: Music.  In the CD Iveroni, we travel to the country of Georgia to hear the traditional music of [...]

The Color of Light by Dana Cunningham - CD Giveaway

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Few instruments are as beautiful on their own as the piano.  I grew up with a piano teacher for a mother, so naturally I took lessons too.  There was piano music in my house everyday, so it’s no wonder I find the sounds of this instrument to be soothing.  When set [...]

Tri Boro Trio - Jazz CD Giveaway

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When you need good music and jazz is the answer of the day, try a little Tri Boro Trio.  Band leader and trombonist Rob Susman, with guitarist Ed MacEachen and Bass John Loehrke,  serve up a soothing and mellow jazz menu with the trio’s self-titled CD.  Many of the songs, written [...]

David Pritchard’s Vertical Eden and Air Patterns

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What started out as a sort of experiment in using a multi-track tape recorder has resulted in David Pritchard’s unique style of acoustical guitar playing.  Like reflections of light within a prism, Pritchad’s music emits a sparkle of acoustical sound. If Philip Glass would have been a guitar player, I believe he would have [...]

East Slope by Su Shi

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In 1081 when Su Shi was 42 years old, he was arrested for writing controversial poetry which was said to criticize government reforms.  He would have been sentenced to death but for Emperor Shenzong who instead exiled him to a remote area, Huangzhou.  The land was dry and suffering from drought, [...]

The Five Lost Days by William Petrick - Book Giveaway

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So much about The Five Lost Days appeals to my adventurous side.  Taking place in Belize, a small Latin American country I long to see, it focuses on Michael Burns, a documentary film director who takes his crew to the jungles to film a “curandero”.  Curanderos are a sort of Mayan [...]

Higher Grounds Fair Trade Coffee Giveaway

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What could be better than making your morning brighter?  How about making the world brighter too? If you  need a cup of joe befitting of starting your day with a smile,  Higher Grounds Trading Company provides not only quality organic coffees for true coffee lovers, but they also provide a host [...]


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