Where the Dog Star Never Glows by Tara L. Masih - Book Review & Giveaway

I have read and reviewed numerous short story collections here at carp(e).  Most of them contain a theme of some sort; occasionally they’re as apparent as having a group of stories about the same characters.  Other times, the common factor is harder to detect - an emotion, for instance, or an exploration on one facet [...]

The Country Where No One Ever Dies by Ornela Vorpsi - Book Review

Albanian born Ornela Vorpsi’s first novel, The Country Where No One Ever Dies, is a work of heartbreaking honesty. Albania, formerly one of the Easter Bloc’s most closed countries, is the backdrop to this novel, gives the story of a young girl dealing with youth in a severely oppressed nation.  Her father is a political [...]

Raven Stole the Moon - Book Review & Giveaway

For most of us, the wilderness of Alaska is shrouded in a beautiful mystery. We picture pristine forests, clear rivers and all manner of wildlife.  Its culture is diverse and unique from much of the lower 48, and it is these two elements - the land and the culture - that give Garth Stein’s novel [...]

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!

So Glad We'll Be Hanging Out Again!


Yes, it’s been a long and lonely winter, but welcome back to carp(e) libris reviews! And where was our fearless reader of all things between two covers?  Hibernating, I suppose.  With work stacking up from my real world job, and all the responsibilities that go along with parenting [...]


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