Tell Me Another Morning: An Autobiographical Novel by Zdena Berger

In 1961, Tell Me Another Morning was published for the first time. This novel, based on Zdena Berger’s teen years in several concentration camps of Nazi Germany, has been lost to the world for quite sometime. But Paris Press has brought it back, publishing it once again for a new generation of readers.

I think the [...]

Schuler Books & Music $10 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Several years ago, my husband decided to buy me a special unabridged dictionary for Christmas. He headed to a large bookstore chain and asked a young sales clerk for help. When confronted with the task of searching for the dictionary, she seemed confused and headed for the computer to help her find this so very [...]

The Glass Slipper and Other Stories by Shotaro Yasuoka

Part of the Japanese Literature Series by Dalkey Archive Press, The Glass Slipper and Other Stories features World War II era shorts in a setting unique to American readers. In fact, of the three from this series I’ve reviewed so far, this one is my favorite due not only to the setting, but the contemporary [...]

Improvise in the Amen Corner by Larnell Custis Butler - Review & Giveaway

I strive to share unique books with you and this time there’s no doubt I’m about to succeed. Improvise in the Amen Corner is a book of poetry and art unlike any you’ve ever seen. Larnell Custis Butler writes her prose about the African American community in her church, her town, her family. Each [...]

The Bosnia Elegies by Adrian Oktenberg

Beautifully simple language drives the heartache into the one who picks up The Bosnian Elegies. The words form short and powerful phrases, catching the reader and painting how it was to have life pulled apart as Yugoslavia was dismembered.

Adrian Oktenberg’s poetry is painful to read because it is so heartfelt and real. It is as [...]

Skunk (A Love Story) by Justin Courter - Review & Giveaway

I hope you’ll excuse my brief absence. I was taking my leisure with some skunk. Skunk A Love Story, that is. When I first stumbled upon this book, I was immediately taken in by the premise: A man, obsessed by the odor of skunks, falls in love with a woman equally [...]

The Logan Topographies by Alena Hairston

If you’re searching for a book of poetry that is both beautiful to read and expanding to the mind, The Logan Topographies delivers on both counts. In a rhythmical and flowing voice, this poetry collection describes a West Virginian mining town and the difficulties to the ethnic groups who make their living in coal mining. [...]

Bad Karma by Tamara Sheward - Review & Giveaway

If you’re looking to escape the daily grind and relax on an exotic getaway, then you may not want to travel with Tamara Sheward. Her travelogue Bad Karma (Confessions of a Reckless Traveller in Southeast Asia) recounts her adventures with her best friend El. These two cocky anti-Birkenstockers manage to plant themselves into a variety [...]

April Winners and a Link to LOTS More Book Giveaways

Here are the winners for April, and I’ve got plenty lined up for May as well, so get ready! In the meantime, congratulations go out to the following people:

Voice of Ice - Elise
Plan Z by Leslie Kove - Andy
All Over Coffee - Elizabeth
Sandrine’s Letter to Tomorrow - Laura
Voices of the Lost and Found - Melissa
The [...]

The Baker’s Boy by Barry Kitterman - Review & Giveaway

Everyone has a skeleton in the closet, and Tanner’s has been dogging him for over 20 years. It followed him from Belize after a two-year Peace Corp stint that was supposed to help him do something good. But Tanner wonders if some people do good things naturally while others have to work a little harder [...]


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