Book Reviews/Giveaways: If you are an independent publisher or an author published by one, and you have a book you’d like me to review, email me at themommyspot (at) gmail (dot) com and put “Review Request” in the subject line. Tell me something about the book and send me a link to your site or blog.  I am particularly interested in literature, translated works, memoirs, and poetry, but I’m open to anything unique and engaging.  If you are able to provide two copies of your work, I will feature a review with a giveaway.  Contact me for more details.

Product Reviews/Giveaways:  If you have a product that you think book readers would love, let me know!  I’d be happy to review your product, and we can even set up a giveaway to help bookworms find out more about you.  Please contact me at themommyspot (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.  Put “Product Review” in the subject line and tell me about your product.  Please also include links to your website.

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