Writing a College Paper: Outline, Format & Helpful Hints

fish.jpgTo say I love to read is an understatement. The walls of my house, upstairs and down, are lined with shelves of books; my desk is covered with stacks waiting to be read. And that’s the way I like it. If there’s one thing I love almost as much as reading, it’s to talk about what I read. It was inevitable that carp(e) libris would come along, merging both my loves.

Through my journey of reading, I began to discover some amazing books published by small, independent publishers. The books weren’t heavily advertised and they were rarely on the bestseller lists. But they seemed to have more of an artistic core to them. They were not the usual cookie-cutter mainstream paperbacks, carefully formulated for the masses. No, these books seemed to be coming from the heart, that place inside the writer’s soul that makes him want to write in the first place.

It’s my goal to bring exposure to these unsung heroes of the literary world, both the writers and the publishers. Readers, be prepared! You’re about to discover books that will feed your spirit as well as your brain!

Seize the book.

“Do You Really Read All Those Books???”