Since the inception of carp(e) libris reviews, I’ve had to come out of the closet with my reading habits. When I first told family and friends about my plans to review books, a common response was, “Yeah, but you’re going to have to read a lot of books to do that.” Little did they know.

Now that the blog has been up, I often get the question “Do you really read all that?” Yes, I do. I read a lot before the blog, and now that I have carp(e) libris reviews, I finally have an excuse. I read every last book you see reviewed here, cover to cover. The scary part is, I read more than what you see listed here. In fact, I started reviewing books on my other blog dkMommy Spot, and I still do reviews and giveaways there as well. Then there are the books I got for Christmas, the herbs and natural remedy books I read for dkMommy Spot, the magazine subscriptions that come to the house, the cereal boxes, etc. (You can see a lot of those at LibraryThing.)

I suppose now you’re wondering how I have time, especially if you already know I have a little boy who is almost two, and who refuses to sit still for more than 24 seconds, which as far as I know, is the record. I think in the past two months I have probably watched about 20 minutes of television. Once I surfed through the pro wrestling matches and the Spanish soap operas, I turned off the set and went back to my book. (Incidentally, if you’re looking to break the t.v. habit, have I got the book for you **plug-plug** – I’m giving one away April 2, 2008, on dkMommy Spot.)

To me, nothing is more beautiful than a big pile of unread books. If there isn’t a book within reach, I feel out of place and awkward, and in my opinion, there’s no such thing as too many books or too much time to read.

Funny thing is, if you’re here on this blog, I probably don’t sound so odd to you. I’ll bet you’ve been reading this whole post thinking, “That’s just how I am!” I’m glad you’re here. There’s this book I’ve been wanting to talk to you about…


  1. I too opted to stay home, at least until my daughter is in kindergarten. I squeeze in my reading time while supervising baths, stirring dinner on the stove, when we drive somewhere and hubby drives. And the gaps between toddler going to bed and hubby coming home. And I can say: I’ve read all mine, too (although not all of them recently). Cheers!

  2. Sounds perfectly normal to me LOL!!

  3. i can totally relate!

    a while ago, while fighting with my hubby on who stays in front of the computer this morning, he asked me why I sould stay.

    told him that I’m reading about blogs about books and he shrieked why?

    that i’m already buried in books to read and funny that i’m reading about them in blogs.

    told him that it’s fun to read what other people say about books in general. :)

    btw, I was reading this post when we were lovingly arguing…hehehe.

  4. What do people know?! Can we live without books?


  5. I am a slow reader, but I love books !!!

  6. When I was a young mother, I yearned for people to talk to about the books I had read. Book clubs were not “in” yet. Other moms would say I don’t have time to read. I couldn’t comprehend that idea. There’s always time to read. Books are portable,you can take them with you wherever you go — doctor, dentist, orthodontist, dance lessons, sax lessons, etc. I read while I stirred a pot on the stove. And I read every night before bed if even for 5 minutes. It’s the best sleep aid in the world.

  7. I completely agree with both you & Jane Marie. However, my book collection may be a bit different than most. I have over 1000 books, primarily dealing with Constitutional law, politics and anything dealing with Civil Rights issues. The one thing I got told continually was “No one cares about what you’re reading. It’s not like anyone is ever going to ask you about those topics.” Unfortunately, I believed it for almost 25 years…now I know better. Besides, I was reading what interested ME! It took a long time to stop hiding under the shadow of someone else’s opinion.

  8. Based on what I’ve read in your blog, and the diligence in which you reviewed my own book, I know you read everything you write about. Thank God there are folks like you out there that give us unknowns a forum. More than that though, a real chance to break the plane of obscurity. Read on, Diane!

  9. I’m not a TV person either. This year I’m indulging myself in American Idol, but I probably don’t watch more than 1 or 2 hours of TV a week, if that. I’d rather read a good book any day. However, if TV is more appealing than the book I’m reading, then I know it’s time to scrap the book. :-)

  10. See, I knew I wasn’t alone! I love reading your comments here – makes me feel so normal. And thanks, Joe! Nothing better than being told to read on. I at least have to keep this going until your next book comes out!

  11. Our accountant asked my hubby just yesterday if I read all those books. The CPA joked that hubby read the books and related them to me where I wrote about them. ;D

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  14. As soon as I read the name of your blog, I tried to add you to my Google Reader! Tried, because Google said they couldn’t locate the feed. Anyway, I loved this: “It’s my goal to bring exposure to these unsung heroes of the literary world, both the writers and the publishers.”

    And yes, as I read the post, I was thinking ‘that’s just how I am!’

    Tuesdays last blog post..Really Old Classics Challenge