Chronicle of San Gabriel by Julio Ramon Ribeyro - Review & Giveaway

Travel by book. It’s the only hope most of us have to go globetrotting and see places we’ve dreamed of, always feared, or never even heard of. In Chronicle of San Gabriel, Julio Ramon Ribeyro will take you to a Peru you never knew existed. Based on his own experience, this fictional work recounts one [...]

Do You Really Read All Those Books???

Since the inception of carp(e) libris reviews, I’ve had to come out of the closet with my reading habits. When I first told family and friends about my plans to review books, a common response was, “Yeah, but you’re going to have to read a lot of books to do that.” Little did they know.

Now [...]

Home Among the Swinging Stars by Jaime de Angulo - Review & Giveaway

Home Among the Swinging Stars is a brilliant collection of poems by Jaime de Angulo (1887 - 1950). His reflections of nature in the American West often feel like lyrics of Native American chants, painting images of coyotes, wild stallions, canyons and cactus. In contrast, other poems speak of the difficulties faced by [...]

I’d Like by Amanda Michalopoulou

I wasn’t quite sure what the title meant at first - “I’d Like”. But now I see it’s a perfect fit for these thirteen short stories with hints of longing written by Amanda Michalopoulou. Common threads loop through the stories sometimes by way of a simple object - a red beret, a porcelain [...]

The Edge of Europe by Pentti Saarikoski - Review & Giveaway

When I posted about Small Press Month, we talked about finding something different out there in the book stacks. If you’re trying to break out of the ordinary, here’s your escape: Pentti Saarikoski’s The Edge of Europe - A Kinetic Image. Saarikoski has been gone for sometime, but this unusual work of his has just [...]

Hurrah for Small Press Month

You’re looking for something different to read, something unusual. The cookie-cutter paperbacks you’ve been reading have all started to sound the same. In a hunt for the good reads, you start perusing the bestseller lists but it’s just not what you’re searching for. Where does the hungry reader go for a good book? The kind [...]

An Interview with Joe Borri

Last week I reviewed Joe Borri’s short story collection entitled Eight Dogs Named Jack. Due to the fantastic response in that review and giveaway, I have a special follow-up interview with the author.

(e): I recently reviewed your book, and I loved it. Could you give us your description of Eight Dogs Named Jack?

JB: [...]

Ticket to Exile by Adam David Miller - Review and Giveaway

It was the Great Depression in Orangeburg, South Carolina when A.D. Miller was 19 years old. He handed a note to a white girl, telling her he’d like to know her better. He was caught and thrown in jail for his actions, accused of attempted rape. This is the beginning of Adam [...]

Eight Dogs Named Jack by Joe Borri - Review & Giveaway

If you’re looking for a series of short stories that will completely absorb you, the kind that keeps you up later than you intended thinking “I’ll read just one more,” then I’ve got your book.

Eight Dogs Named Jack is filled with everything from street rats and made men to hardworking honest people. Set in the [...]

Is it carp(e) libris reviews or dkMommy Spot? Oops!

If you visited carp(e) libris this weekend, you may have stumbled upon this instead. Or possibly you went to your Google Reader or some such site to find out what carp(e) libris had to say, and you found several postings there, but they were all on feeding your toddler or the beef scare. [...]


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