Withstanding the Lie by Roger Brewer & Nicole Brewer

I don’t believe I’ve reviewed any self-help book at carp(e) libris reviews yet.  But the opportunity came up recently to review one, and its focus on helping people who have been the target of discrimination is certainly something that could help many of us.  Withstanding the Lie by father and daughter team Roger and Nicole [...]

Silent Girl by Tricia Dower - Book Giveaway

Silent Girl brilliantly takes the short story and adds a Shakespearian twist. Each short, written by Tricia Dower, is based on a work of Shakespeare; but if you’re not well versed in this most famous of writers, you’ll not miss out on enjoying some talented writing. If you do enjoy Shakespeare, then you’re [...]

Liam’s Going by Michael Joyce - Review & Giveaway

Every parent faces it at some point or another - empty nest syndrome. In Liam’s Going, Cathleen and Noah prepare to start this new and unfamiliar stage of their lives after their son Liam leaves for college. As Cathleen drives with her son to drop him off at college and Noah stays behind to [...]

In the Land of the Free by Geoffrey Forsyth - Book Giveaway

You may remember when not too long ago I reviewed a book of short short stories published by Rose Metal Press. I discovered I loved the short short story form, and thankfully that book wasn’t the only of this sort Rose Metal chose to publish. Their latest, In the Land of the Free, written by [...]

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson - Book Giveaway

Are you ready for the next blockbuster novel to hit the bookshelves? I do believe I’ve got it sitting right here. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo snagged my attention immediately. Not only is it an intense mystery with a depth of plot being compared to War and Peace (don’t worry - you won’t [...]

Sweet Mandarin by Helen Tse - Book Giveaway

I love reading and learning about Asian culture and its rich history. China certainly has no shortage of either! When you mix that with the genealogy of a family, you’ve got my interest. Growing up, I listened to my mother’s stories of our ancestors as she uncovered their secrets while studying our family tree. While [...]


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