The New Bedford Samurai by Anca Vlasopolos

When he was a young boy, Manjiro Nakahama ran away from his home in a poor Japanese fishing village. Joining up with some fishermen who took him under their wing, one of their fishing excursions soon turned into a disaster, stranding them on a deserted island. As they awaited their rescue, he had no idea [...]

And Where is Our Daring Book Reviewer?


If you’re wondering where I’ve flown off to, I must apologize. The past couple of weeks have been filled with the hurry-scurry of being a work-at-home blogging mama, and I’ve had to take a slight pause. But no need to fear because despite the busy schedule, I have been reading anyway (even if it means [...]

Contents of a Minute by Josephine Jacobsen - Book Review & Giveaway


Part of the Quarternote Chapbook Series from Sarabande Books, Contents of a Minute gives us a look into the poetry of Josephine Jacobsen, celebrated poet. This 29-page collection is filled with recently discovered and previously unpublished poetry and is a great collection whether you’re just discovering Jacobsen’s work or you’re already a fan.

Jacobsen’s poetry is filled with depth [...]

Springtime on Mars by Susan Woodring - Book Review


Ever since space exploration first became a real possibility, the people of America have been looking towards the skies with hopeful wonderment. Finally, there is something more mysterious for humans to focus on than our own complicated lives. Susan Woodring’s collection of short stories,Springtime on Mars, captures this sense of the unknown, in regards to [...]

Arte Y Pico Award

I am a happy blogger, for I have been bestowed with the Arte Y Pico award from Jane Marie at Thyme for Herbs. Thank you, Jane Marie! I must now choose five of my favorite artistic haunts to receive the award as well, which for me is a difficult task because I have discovered [...]

Walking on Air by Muriel Spark - Book Review

Muriel Spark’s work can be found in every corner of the literary world: Novels, short stories, poetry, reviews, and many other written forms, best known for her novel The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Walking on Air, Cahier 2 of The Cahier Series published by Sylph Editions, was brought into being shortly after Spark’s death. [...]

Bone Strings by Anne Coray - Book Review & Giveaway

Poet Anne Coray was born and raised in Alaska. Her book of poetry, Bone Strings, reflects not only the beauty and grandeur that haunts anyone who has even seen a picture of the state, it presents the harshness and disquietude of Alaskan nature as well.

Bone Strings reads with a graceful rhythm, smooth and melodic. However, [...]

Arkansas by John Brandon - Book Review


Two men of very differing personalities have excused themselves into lives of crime. Their upbringings and inner workings may be as opposite as Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison, but here they are, living together as drug traffickers. Arkansas by John Brandon gives the reader a humorous, sometimes dark look into the lives of Kyle and Swin, who [...]

Translating Music by Richard Pevear - Book Review


I love reading translated works; I devour them. There’s a whole other world of literature outside the U.S. waiting to be read, and I mean to discover as much of it as I can. Translating Music, first of The Cahier Series published by Sylph Editions, is written by translator Richard Pevear, putting a whole new slant and appreciation on [...]

Book Review & Giveaway Mishaps Etc.

If you tried to enter the giveaway for A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness yesterday and were unable to do so, you were the victim of a computer mishap and a wee bit of errant code. The problem is fixed, to my great relief! If you did enter already, you’re still entered. For some reason, [...]


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