Grounds for Change Coffee Gift Box Giveaway

Nothing beats relaxing with a good book and your favorite cup o’ joe.  For coffee connoisseurs, the joy of testing new brews is equivalent to the wine taster’s experience.  This is the great pleasure I’ve been having lately with the Grounds for Change Songbird Gift Box.  Grounds for Change is a unique coffee company; all [...]

I, City by Pavel Brycz - Review & Giveaway

Powerful and written in a solid voice, Pavel Brycz’s “I, City”is a book told from the perspective of the city itself.  The book’s narrator is actually the city of Most in the Czech Republic; having watched its inhabitants through omnipresent eyes, the city tells us stories, gives us short glimpses into the lives of the [...]

Red Leaf Tea Giveaway

It’s been snowing here for days.  For weeks.  Since before Thanksgiving, much of the Northeast has been under a thick blanket of snow that is burying my driveway, making the neighborhood chainlink fences slowly disappear.  The kids on our block are all so bundled up that, when I can see them around the snowdrifts, I [...]

Other Lives by Andre Brink

Take an accomplished South African writer nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature three times, add a surprising Hitchcock-like plot with a message and stir.  What comes out will be a book you will never, ever forget.  Andre Brink’s Other Lives is one of the most creative novels I’ve read in a long time.  

Three [...]

“A Life Well Read” Set Giveaway

Congratulations to Lisa!  Enjoy the set!

I’m happy to tell you carp(e) libris reviews is taking a new turn!  In addition to the usual great book reviews and giveaways, I’ll also be publishing reviews and giveaways featuring items for the book lover.  Our very first giveaway for the book lover would make a fantastic Christmas gift. [...]

The End of the Straight and Narrow - David McGlynn

Like most avid readers, I tend to seek out books with a unique voice.  When you read several books a month, it’s easy to find commonalities in books that others might not see.  For instance, there are certain themes that tend to crop up in short story collections again and again.  But I’m happy to [...]

Dreaming of a Green Christmas Giveaway Week

For any of you not familiar with my other blog, dkMommy Spot, I’m hosting a very big giveaway week!  Dreaming of a Green Christmas started officially on Monday with new giveaways added every day, but you’re still in time to enter everything.  I’ll be adding more great giveaways right through Friday, so be sure to [...]

The Trespasser by Edra Ziesk

When a photographer stumbles upon a Kentucky mountaintop homestead and upsetting one of the residents, everything for this small community begins to change and shift.  Chain reactions are set into place, and the results in Ziesk’s latest novel The Trespasser will draw you into a world where you will definitely change your mind over and over [...]


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