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Henley Von Roastingburg Coffee Giveaway

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What say you to a mug of marvelously different joe?  What if we call it Henley instead?  Henley Von Roastingburg coffee is as unique as its name, and I’ve had quite a taste for it lately.  A micro-batch coffee roasting company, Henley Von Roastingburg offers a selection of beans that are [...]

Higher Grounds Fair Trade Coffee Giveaway

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What could be better than making your morning brighter?  How about making the world brighter too? If you  need a cup of joe befitting of starting your day with a smile,  Higher Grounds Trading Company provides not only quality organic coffees for true coffee lovers, but they also provide a host [...]

Figments Studio Journal Gift Set Giveaway

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A journal must be inspiring in many ways.  If you have an old notebook, it won’t beckon, can never become a proper muse.  But with a proper journal sitting within sight, you feel compelled to write.  The more you write, the better you become - not only as a writer but [...]

Mug Heaven Ceramic Handmade Mug Giveaway

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Whether you’re a book lover, a music lover, or both, chances are you like to indulge in your appreciation of either with a hot cup of your favorite coffee or tea by your side.  I prefer having a favorite mug to fill; something that’s mine and mine alone.  For years now [...]

Numi Magnolia Puerh Tea Giveaway

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Numi Teas have quickly become one of my favorites.  Organic and smooth, fair trade and fresh.  The varieties are endless, and one of their new additions to the Numi Tea family is Puerh tea.  Puerh has a unique history behind it, one that adds to the enjoyment of drinking [...]

Italian Leather Journal Giveaway from JournalShelf

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Katharina, it’s time to start journaling again - you won! Look for the winning email and respond right away to claim your prize.
Journaling has been an important part of my daily life for many years, and while I have written in less-than-impressive journals, tablets, and even hotel notepads when [...]

Lands’ End Cable Knit Throw Giveaway

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What’s better in blustery January than snuggling in with a good book and a favorite throw?  Land’s End sells a wonderfully warm Combed Cotton Cable Knit Throw, perfect for long, luxurious Sunday afternoons with your favorite novel.  I’ve been enjoying a Land’s End throw myself, and [...]

Creature Comforts for Readers - Red Leaf Tea Giveaway

For us readerly types, tea seems to be the perfect addition to a great book.  Red Leaf Tea recently gave away some of their wonderful African Summer tea here at carp(e) libris reviews, and they enjoyed your response to their teas. Today they’d love to give away some more!  Your input means a lot to [...]

Red Leaf Tea Giveaway

It’s been snowing here for days.  For weeks.  Since before Thanksgiving, much of the Northeast has been under a thick blanket of snow that is burying my driveway, making the neighborhood chainlink fences slowly disappear.  The kids on our block are all so bundled up that, when I can see them around the snowdrifts, I [...]