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Mug Heaven Ceramic Handmade Mug Giveaway

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Whether you’re a book lover, a music lover, or both, chances are you like to indulge in your appreciation of either with a hot cup of your favorite coffee or tea by your side.  I prefer having a favorite mug to fill; something that’s mine and mine alone.  For years now I’ve used the same old tired yellow mug that sports a faded cartoon of the Chicago skyline.  I overpaid for it in the Hancock Tower gift shop, and although it represents a very pleasant day, it was time to replace it with something not so worn.  Mug Heaven has such a large selection of handmade ceramic mugs that choosing one to replace my old standby was an enjoyably difficult task.  Animal mugs, personalized mugs, beautifully glazed pottery pieces that looked more like art - and that’s where I stopped.

See the photo above?  It’s the mug I chose, my new sidekick while I blog, read, listen to music.  It’s sitting next to me right now, filled with my favorite cappuccino.  A beautiful piece which came wrapped with extreme care, so it looked simply brilliant when I received it.  There’s something about a good mug that makes drinking coffee and tea seem more satisfying, like a little indulgence in the midst of my usually busy day.  If you’ve ever used a good pottery mug, you probably noticed its tendency to hold onto the heat a little more than the average mass-produced, thin walled piece.  That and, darn, cappuccino just looks better surrounded by a mug called “Golden Toffee and Raspberry“.  

This is where it gets fun:  Mug Heaven is giving away a mug to one carp(e) libris reviews reader.  The winner gets to select the perfect mug to fit their personality; up to a $20 selection! 


Rules for Entry:

1.) Just visit Mug Heaven and tell me what mug fits your personality and why.  (You may enter once a day - following entries don’t require you to answer the question.) Remember, leave an interesting comment.  If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

2.) Email subscribers get an extra entry for as long as their subscription is active.

     Already a subscriber?  Leave me a separate comment on this post to let me know you’re interested in this giveaway.

     Want to subscribe?  Just enter your email address in the “Subscribe” box on the left. (Please make sure to verify your Feedburner subscription by responding to the email they send you. If you do not receive it, check your junk mail. Only verified subscriptions are entered for all the giveaways.)

3.) Blog about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to this post.  Come back and leave me a Comment with a link to your blog post. (If your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry - I may have to approve it first.  My blog might think it’s spam but gosh darn, I certainly don’t!)

4.) I’m feeling Twittery.  If you Twitter a link to this giveaway, come back and comment here to let me know your Twitter name for another entry! (I’m dkmommy if you want to follow me.)

Feel free to do all four to gain several entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Monday, March 2, 2009, to enter.

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340 comments to Mug Heaven Ceramic Handmade Mug Giveaway

  • Buddy Garrett

    The Red Dragon Tankard fits my personality. I love the color red and I love the Medieval Times with dragons.

  • ikkinlala

    Monday entry, please.

  • Roxy

    Monday entry. Still want the cat mug!

  • Kimberly

    My last chance entry!

  • Kate

    Mine is the Reverie Moss Garden Mug because I love greenery; I have lots of plants in my house and this will complement them!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Samuel Ruiz

    I am also a subscriber

  • Jesslyn

    I just spent an entire hour “studying” all the heavenly mugs and I learn… that I must have multiple personalities because I love and can personally relate to dozens of them! I’m still torn between 5 mugs - but I’ll bite the bull and narrow it down to the that both reflect my style, taste, and sense of design and color: The Midnight Wave Pottery Stoneware Mug and the Black Purple Fusion Pottery Mug.(The Golden Toffee & Raspberry Mug was in my top 5!)
    Whew this was like being treated to a special dinner at a 5 Star reataurant and having to choose what to order - when you want one of everything!

  • Jesslyn

    I just became a subscriber. Thanks!

  • Jack Davis

    Harley Hound Face Mug - is perfect for me and my Harley!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Lanny Bender

    Wow! The Red Dragon Tankard would be my choice. Reminds me of the Danny Kaye movie where he had to remember a saying about the Red Dragon flagon. I loved that movie.

  • Janet

    I heart the Personalized Outdoor Fishing Scene Mug:)

  • Helen

    The Dragonfly 2D Mug 19 oz. Tankard in Sea Mist fits my personality because the dragonfly symbolizes re-birth and I’m all about change.

  • barbara

    entering today. could use this mug on this cold snowy, no school day. looking for SPRING

  • glfrog63

    i like the cobalt blue footed mug!


  • barbara wright

    Entering again. Really love those mugs!

  • Margaret Snyder

    Here is my daily entry. Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

    Margaret Snyders last blog post..Katydid and Kid Giveaways

  • Beth

    My entry for March 2

  • Beverley Justice

    Monday entry.

  • clenna in NH

    I love the Dragonfly Handpainted Latte Pottery Mug 16 Oz beause it is simple, yet elegant. I have always loved the dragonfly design. I like the shape of the cup - it is wider at the top than the bottom - very pretty.

  • clenna in NH

    New subscriber

  • Mark W

    i like the Beer Drinkers Face Mug… :-) I like beer :-)


    Today’s entry

  • Amy B.

    Entering again, thanks!

  • victoria

    i twittered morgaine24 is my username

    victorias last blog post..handmade glass stitch markers

  • victoria

    i currently subscribe

    victorias last blog post..handmade glass stitch markers

  • victoria

    http://www.mugheaven.com/product/MBAKSMMULPUR114/Purple_Peacock_Pottery_Mugs.html this one the purple peacock mug fits me because if you know how i feel about purple would say thats so vickie oh and purple people eaters everyone is that an interesting comment lol

    victorias last blog post..handmade glass stitch markers

  • victoria

    i blogged about the contest http://knithappens24.blogspot.com

    victorias last blog post..handmade glass stitch markers

  • damac1078

    Would love to win the colonial blue ribbed mug or the reverie moss garden mug - both are beautiful and remind me of pieces I did back in high school, only much nicer and usable!! :)

  • Donna K

    I would like the Blue Rim Horse Pottery Mug because I like horses.

  • Donna K

    I am a subscriber.

  • Roxy

    Wednesday Entry

  • Margaret Snyder

    Do you have a winner’s tab?

    Margaret Snyders last blog post..Simply Stacie Giveaways

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  • I’m totally addicted to coffee and have a cup with me throughout each day. I’ve accumulated almost half a ream of paper with pictures of nothing but coffee mugs. Not one of them is “exactly” what I’ve been looking for. My search for the perfect mug has been a long one. I’ve talked coffee mugs to my husband til he’s gone half bald and sometimes turns his hearing aid off to block me out. After searching the internet for several months, I discovered your website at the bottom of an E-Bay page. It had to be fate!!! Once I entered your site, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. FINALLY - GREAT COFFEE MUGS!!! You may, very well, be the only folks in the world who knows just how to make one. I’m leaning toward item MRISSMMULSTE. I love the glaze, the shape of the handle, the size, and the fact that you even put a sloped lip on the mug so you can sip hot coffee without spilling it down your shirt. I promptly signed up for your newsletter tonight (or maybe I should say “this morning; it’s 1:15AM). I also put you in “Favorites”, because I like a lot of your other pottery, too. I may have to purchase a couple of mugs at a time, because hubby thinks you can find a good mug for a Walmart price, but I will definitely be buying them. Please thank your pottery artists for their great talent.

  • MRISSMMULSTE spells great mug. Just like “moone” spells “moon” on an old movie and fabulous book. I can’t place my order until March. Really anxious to order my first of many.

  • You were voted the “Greatest Coffee Mug” winner in the “Coffee Drinkers Anonymous” sweepstakes. Congratulations.

  • It’s snowing, my coffee’s getting cold using this old mug, and I wish I had the one I’m longing for. Have a great snowy day.

  • I’m excited. I just noticed I was voted the “Greatest Coffee Mug” winner in your sweepstakes. Does that mean I’ll get one of the coffee mugs I’m yearning for? What ever the prize - Thanks so much.

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