Book Giveaway - I’jaam an iraqi rhapsody by Sinan Antoon

A handful of times in my life I have finished a book and turned it over to start again. Sometimes I want to carry the book around with me even after I’ve closed the pages, just to look at the cover and remember. I finished reading I’jaam - An Iraqi Rhapsody by Sinan [...]

The Budding Tree by Aiko Kitahara

Teacher, calligrapher, restaurant owner.  These were all common jobs during Japan’s Edo period.  If you were a man.  But what if you were a woman who had to support herself?  What if you were one of the best and willing to stay the best, despite the prejudices against you?

The Budding Tree - Six Stories of [...]

Essential Elements Book Winner!

Congratulations go out to Bob the Magician, who has not pulled a rabbit out of his hat, but a book.  He won the book Essential Elements featuring the artwork of Andrew Stevovich!  Bob, you’ll be receiving the book soon.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  Come back anytime and share your impressions after you’ve had an [...]

Glass Voices by Carol Bruneau - Book Review and Giveaway

Lucy and Harry haven’t always been the placid elderly couple everyone thought they saw. 50 years had passed since they were the victims of the Halifax Explosion, a horrific accident that occurred in 1917 off the coast of Nova Scotia in the Halifax Harbour. That tragic day, two ships collided which ignited massive [...]

Essential Elements - Andrew Stevovich Artbook Giveaway

What a perfect way to kick off the new location of carp(e) libris - by adding an artistic facet to the blog. I am including art books for reviews and giveaways here now, and Essential Elements is a beautiful beginning to our new chapter.

Essential Elements showcases the work of Andrew Stevovich, an Austrian-born artist [...]

Welcome to the New carp(e) libris!

Hello and welcome to the new location of carp(e) libris! The move to its own domain is going to give this blog more breathing room, more opportunity to expand into what I have planned for it, and for what I haven’t even thought of yet.

If you’ve been a subscriber to carp(e) libris at Blogger, [...]

A Book Giveaway and a Great Link

Just a quick announcement - if you hurry, there’s still time to sign up for a book giveaway on my other blog, dkMommy Spot. It’s for a book of essays called At Work in Life’s Garden, so go check it out!

Also, I was made aware of an article written by Laila Halaby (Once in [...]

Walking in Two Worlds by Nancy M. Peterson

When I was young, there was a series of biographies I loved reading. Our teacher gave me extra credit for each one I read, and I thought I was really pulling one over on her because I was reading them purely for the entertainment value. I guess in the end, my teacher knew [...]

Locke 1928 by Shawna Yang Ryan

Sometimes a book draws you in like a lucid dream. You smell, hear, touch; you see everything before your eyes but printed words on a page. This was the journey I took in Locke 1928, guided by the masterful storytelling of Shawna Yang Ryan. The pages are filled with Chinese folklore, moving flashbacks, and [...]

Once in a Promised Land by Laila Halaby

Once in a Promised Land by Laila Halaby is the tragic story of a Jordanian couple in the U.S., struggling with secrets that drive wedges between them. Set in the shadow of 9/11, this novel tells of two people caught in their knot of lies while getting tied up ever tighter in the [...]


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