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Essential Elements - Andrew Stevovich Artbook Giveaway

What a perfect way to kick off the new location of carp(e) libris - by adding an artistic facet to the blog. I am including art books for reviews and giveaways here now, and Essential Elements is a beautiful beginning to our new chapter.

Essential Elements showcases the work of Andrew Stevovich, an Austrian-born artist whose work focuses on people - people in subways, coffee houses, diners. The colors are clean and bright, full of round faces and almond-shaped eyes. Each work gives the viewer a glimpse into a scene of everyday life, sometimes public, sometimes private. At first glimpse you may feel you’ve seen all the artist intended, but on further study, you find clues and the mind creates its own story. In fact, the writerly mind will find page after page of guaranteed inspiration.

What captivates me in Stevovich’s Essential Elements is a mixture of 1930’s flavor and the modern world. A women might be dressed as though she resides in pre-World War II, while there may be a cell phone or a laptop in front of her. Deciding when she happens is for the viewer to choose.

I’ve been drawn into this book since it entered my house; the smooth lines, the deliciously rich colors, the snippets of life that make me want to eavesdrop. Stevovich’s work has been inspired by dreams, early Italian Renaissance, or a sudden flash - all of these are elements that invite the viewer to interpret what they will.

And now I invite you to win a copy of this exquisite book. To enter, leave a comment here telling me what you like about the work below, entitled Woman with Fish Bowl, (which seems the obvious choice for this blog). For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on your site and let me know in the comments or by email (themommyspot(at)gmail(dot)com). As always, subscribers to carp(e) libris are automatically entered into this and all book giveaways.

I will draw a winner on Monday, February 25th, 2008 at 12:00 noon EST.

15 comments to Essential Elements - Andrew Stevovich Artbook Giveaway

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  • Tara

    I like how the woman’s hands are just brushing underneath her chin… makes me think of pondering or deep thinking while watching the fish.

  • Jane Marie

    I think she is wondering what it is like for the fish to live in a bowl. Maybe she feels her life is a little like the fish’s life. Going round and round in circles, and getting nowhere.

  • Di

    She is feeling under her chin and thinking, “Do I have a wattle?”

  • Cindi Hoppes

    Hello, What a marvelous looking art book! The above picture is fascinating.
    It reminds me of when I was a child and to clean the fish bowl. She has the scoop under her hand. I think she has just give the goldfish a clean home and is taking a mental break! Her eyes do not seem focused on the fish! Thanks for the fun contest! Cindi

  • Vivian

    You know, the first thing I noticed about this picture was the net…is she pondering whether or not she wants to give Goldy a heart-attack while she chases her around her little bowl with the fish net? She doesn’t quite seem ready to clean the bowl- there are no other cups of water or whatever other supplies… would she be so bored as to chase her fish around for the heck of it? Awesome!
    The painting is adorable, I love that style!
    So, just so you know and everything… the 25th is my birthday… not that I think that (tinyinsignificantdetail) entitles me to win this book- not at ALL- why would you even think such a thing? (wink.wink.)

  • Taryn S

    I really like the fish. I like the reflection of him in the top of the water. I can imagine a reflection of her above the painting as if the whole thing was in another fishbowl.

  • ruth

    The woman is pondering life. The painting is extremely fine work and represents something exceptional and new.

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  • Heather

    What thoughtful art. I have never seen his work before and it is dramatic in a subtle and inviting way. I immediately was drawn to her hand resting on the fish net which made me cringle (germ-o-phobe). I hope she hasn’t used the net yet!

  • Shelly

    I love how the wall is reflected and distorted in the fishbowl

  • Karin

    What I like about it? the fish bowl. Don’t like the woman cuz she reminds me of a reporter at the local newspaper who I do not care for….

  • maggie

    I would love to win the fascinating art book! Please sign me up! :D

  • bob the magician

    Interesting static nature; I’d like to check out the book. Looking at the cover I see even more attractive composition.

  • Taylor

    Having a goldfish is a relaxing hobby for me. I love their bright orange color and they are not a high-maintenance pet to keep.

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