One of the great perks of reading is having the ability to leap across the boundaries of time and space.  How else could one ever have the opportunity to follow Winston Churchill, peak into his private life, and perhaps see how the famous old bear really lived?  Michael Dobbs presents his readers with just such an opportunity, one that will help lend a whole new appreciation to the force of nature that was one of the heroes of World War II.

Written as a novel, Churchill’s Hour: A Novel of Defiance drops you right into the turmoil that was Winston Churchill’s daily life as he attempted to convince America to join in the war before Hitler swallowed England whole.  Most people know the U.S. took convincing and that we hung back until the last possible moment, but I doubt many of us have ever seen the struggle from quite this angle before.  It’s a fascinating look at Churchill’s tenacity and love of country.  

Equally fascinating is the opportunity to peer into Churchill’s personal life and get to know a little about those closest to him including members of his family, none of whom were near being perfect.  His son fought with living in the shadow of one of the most controversial characters of the era.  His daughter-in-law, with whom he was very close, began getting too comfortable with someone who wasn’t her husband - someone Churchill knew and trusted.  And Churchill himself had a bit too much of a relationship with the bottle at times.  But despite his shortcomings and the painful distractions from his personal life, Winston Churchill changed the course of history.  Churchill’s Hour: A Novel of Defiance is a provocotive look into the man, one that gives us as readers the opportunity to traverse through time and stand face to face with a historical giant.