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Most people are fascinated by the con job, myself included.  Maybe it’s the mystery of the underworld, perhaps it’s the brilliance of schemes most of us are too moral to contemplate.  Whatever our motives for finding enjoyment in con jobs, one can look to books and movies like “The Sting”, “Paper Moon”, or “Ocean’s Eleven” to verify the popularity.  I’d say Dizzy City fits comfortably into this category.

Dizzy City by Nicholas Griffin is the story of Benedict Cramb, a 1916 English soldier of the Great War.  After deserting and running off to America, he hooks up with a master con artist who takes him under his wing.  As con artists try to pull one over on con artists, readers will marvel at the complexity of plot.  Dizzy City had such brilliant twists and turns that I often grinned or laughed out loud whenever Griffin caught me offguard, which was regularly.  It seemed every chapter or two something happened to throw me off the trail of where the story would lead.  And I’m not easily fooled.  Maybe it’s all the book reviewing I do, but I’m always annoyed that I figure out endings before the book is near completion.  I’ve been banned from guessing during movies because my husband tires of me figuring it out.  But Dizzy City?  No way.  I hadn’t a clue where it was going, and I thoroughly enjoyed being fooled.  Perhaps being conned.

Dizzy City is Nicholas Griffin’s fourth historical novel.  His latest proves to be heavily researched, full of rich living detail, and completely captivating.  If you’re in the market for a mystery, a historical novel, or for a con job, Dizzy City is your next fix.

Published by Steerforth Press.