We’re not all pleasant people; we have flaws, some of us more than others.  Sometimes we do or think despicable things.  This may not be the best way to conduct life, but it does make for an interesting character for a book.  In April Fool, George Willets is at a point in his life where maybe he’s just a wee bit too comfortable.  His daily routine with his wife is just that – routine.  The boredom he endures begins to be too much for him; so when he meets the perfect woman, he feels his luck is about to change.  It may be changing, but whether or not it’s for the better is what makes this book a great read.

Author John Neufeld does an excellent job at taking a distasteful personality and turning him into someone a reader wants to spend time with and learn about.  This is a difficult task for any writer; despite George’s behavior and his desire to consider murder an option for getting out of a rut, I still somehow rooted for George and hoped he’d find the error of his ways.  The book was entertaining and a pleasure to read, filled with humor, suspense, and politically incorrect characters.  I doubt there was a noble one in the bunch, which made it all the more interesting.

John Neufeld has written over 20 novels for adults and young readers, and has been nominated for an Edgar, been twice included in the Sunday New York Times’ Best Books of the Year, and has been published in several countries as well.  I’m happy to tell you I have a copy of April Fool to give to one carp(e) libris reviews reader.

3 Ways to Win:

1.) Have you known people with major character flaws?  Of course you have! But did you like them anyway?  Do share.  Be thoughtful with your comment! Winners are randomly chosen, but if the name drawn doesn’t respond, I choose the next winner by comment.

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Do all three, and you’ve got three entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Saturday, October 25, 2008, to enter.


  1. I had a girlfriend who was completely self absorbed and selfish and I loved her anyway. She actually just recently ended our friendship though.. because we were out at a bar on my birthday and I spent too much time talking to some of my other friends and not talking to her. Oh well. This kind of goes into the ‘her loss’ category.

  2. I had a friend who was constantly complaining about everything.She was the weirdest person I’ve ever met and I’ve come to see that she’s a paranoid schizophrenic though she doesn’t know this. She had a heart of gold but she was constantly thinking someone was singling her or her family out in every situation and she overreacted to the tiniest things in life. It was incredibly tiring and draining to be friends with her and when she moved away, it was actually a relief.

  3. We all have falts and I love our friends and family anyway.

  4. Hmmm… How shall I enter this contest without losing friends? LOL! Well, I had this former co-worker who was a gossip, exagerator and constantly tried to “one-up” you on everything! Every morning she would come to my corner of the company cube-farm and update me on everything that had happened to her the day before… and what had happened to her friends and/or family (people I did not even know!). It was constant and a complete waste of at least 20 minutes, when I did not really care. But, she was overall a nice person and decent human being, so I tolerated her rambling (often pasting a fake smile and nodding while I made a mental “to do” list for the day in my head). I felt kinda bad for her as she seemed lonely. Thanks for running this contest! The book sounds to be a fascinating read.

  5. katherine wierzbinski

    My mother had MANY< MANY flaws and yes, I still liked her.

  6. I think you can “like” them, but not necessarily want to be friends with them. It would depend on the particular flaw, because we all have them.

  7. Hey I am already a subscriber, please count me in for April Fool

  8. I have met people with many flaws. But I still liked them anyways, because everyone has flaws. Me included. But anyways, this book seems like a nice read.

  9. I had a co-worker who was very opinionated. We soon learned not to voice an opinion about anything except what to have for lunch – lol
    When she got started she wouldn’t allow anyone else to state an opinion. In fact, she would tell us to be quiet and not interrupt. Eventually her attitude caused her to be dismissed.
    In spite of all that I did like her (as long as we weren’t talking about anything that got her going).

  10. My friend still wears blue eye shadow.

  11. i had a neighbor once who borrowed everything under the sun but i was bad at saying no..when she once asked to borrow some of my lingere that went too far but i let her and told her to keep it..i didnt like her i dont like people that use people

  12. LoL! Of course — most of my family have major character flaws but I not only Love them, I like them too!

  13. Sure; none of us is perfect, but that doesn’t make all of us incapable of being liked. The one character flaw I can’t ignore is extreme selfishness. And, the older I get, the less I tolerate it in folks.

  14. of course that is what makes people interesting

  15. I have a friend who is a know it all, but she still is my favorite friend

  16. Character Flaws are like wrinkles; you still try to conceal and correct however, they still are visible. Thanks SW

  17. I have my share of flaws!

  18. I have a wonderful friend who is very selfish but I still love her. Sometimes I can’t stand to be around her so I take a small break but she is so fun that I keep going back.

  19. My husband has OCD when it comes to organization. Everything must be exactly where it belongs, and everything is neat and labeled. If you’re not watching, he’ll put things away that you are using. Fortunately, I love him anyway and I just try and deal with this part of him.

  20. My friend had a really rough time growing up and a disasterous first marriage. In her 30s she married a great guy who made good money and “spoiled her rotten”. She offended people by telling them how much everything cost – her house, her car, her clothes, etc. But really, it was because she had never had anything before and was just amazed by her good fortune.

  21. Angelia McDonald

    I younger sister is a bit dramatic, and can make a mountain out of a mole hill, but I would not trade one thing about her for some other personality. She is my sister but also a best friend the whole hill of her.

  22. Yes I have and yes I do.

  23. I know someone that always has to be in control. His children don’t want to be around him but we love his good heart.

  24. I’m too picky to like people with major character flaws.

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