Red Leaf Tea Giveaway

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It’s time for Mother’s Day, and this year you may want to try something a little different than the usual flowers.  How about some tea?  Red Leaf Tea has a great selection, something for everyone’s mom. They even have a new variety called “Mama-to-Be“.  This new tea is a wonderful blend [...]

Numi Magnolia Puerh Tea Giveaway

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Numi Teas have quickly become one of my favorites.  Organic and smooth, fair trade and fresh.  The varieties are endless, and one of their new additions to the Numi Tea family is Puerh tea.  Puerh has a unique history behind it, one that adds to the enjoyment of drinking [...]

Red Leaf Tea Giveaway

It’s been snowing here for days.  For weeks.  Since before Thanksgiving, much of the Northeast has been under a thick blanket of snow that is burying my driveway, making the neighborhood chainlink fences slowly disappear.  The kids on our block are all so bundled up that, when I can see them around the snowdrifts, I [...]


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