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That’s right, “Herbs Gone Wild: Ancient Remedies Turned Loose” has been written by yours truly, Diane Kidman.  Much thanks to those of you who have given me input over the years, inspiring me to go a step further in writing.

“Herbs Gone Wild!” offers a wide variety of simple remedies, giving everyone the chance to be their family’s home herbalist.  You’ll learn how to naturally deal with cold and flu viruses, how to lower blood pressure, fix a migraine, even make your own salves and tinctures.  And occasionally I’m funny.

You can find my eBook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with more places to come.  The current price is only 99 cents, which is the best way I can think of to say thank you to all your support over the past five years of blogging.  It’s also the best way I can think of to introduce the world of herbalism to you,  providing a less expensive (even free) natural alternative for your family’s health.

If you decide to snag a copy, please drop me a line at themommyspot (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know what you thought!  You may even find your suggestion in the followup to “Herbs Gone Wild! Ancient Remedies Turned Loose,” coming soon…

It all starts with an author’s note.  “Yes, it’s true” is the message Andy Andrews shares with his readers before they even get to the first page.  Otherwise you’d think you were reading a work of fiction – a story that could only come from the deep imaginings of Hollywood’s best.  Instead, The Heart Mender: A Story of Second Chances brings forth an extraordinary true story about World War II, German U-Boats, Nazis, mystery and intrigue – and the whole thing takes place on the Gulf Coast of America.

Most Americans have no idea that German submarines were out there sinking US ships right off our very own coastlines, but it’s true. Just the tip of the iceberg in this true tale, The Heart Mender tells about a woman who’s living the heartbroken life of a young WWII widow. She was cold, unforgiving, and angry. So when she finds an injured German soldier washed up on the Florida shoreline, the last thing on her mind is helping him.

The Heart Mender is full of real mystery and intruge it’s true, but it’s also a story of romance, forgiveness, and the often unexpected good heartedness of humankind.  Remember the whole Bridges of Madison County thing where we all bawled our eyes out because we thought it was true?  Then no one could turn up any National Geographic issues with bridge photos, we found out the author made the whole thing up, and readers everywhere threw up their hands in despair at the trick.  But The Heart Mender is the real deal, and it’s every bit as necessary to keep the Kleenex at hand at the end. (Okay, at the beginning and middle too.)  So if you need a bit of enccouragement – indeed if you need your own heart mended – and if crying your eyes out over emotional, jaw-dropping endings is your thing, here’s your next read.

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Tax-Free Retirement by Patrick Kelly is reviewed by our guest writer Dan Ruger. 

What could I possibly stay away from, given my pretty busy day, to read about retirement? Tax-Free Retirement seemed like a boring lecture at first glance, but given the shroud of laudatory snippets that haloed the book I opened it and went with it to the end. An emotional roller coaster, an eye-opener, and far away from a novel, the numbers the book gives are daunting as is the realization of financial ignorance. I would look at it as a confrontation between Goliath and David, and David’s not winning. Not now, not ever. However, there’s a way to make David survive and keeps Goliath at peace as long as there is tribute.

And there’s where Patrick Kelly comes in with his book and shows us, the Davids, how to keep most if not all of our tribute from being hoarded by Goliath, the mask that hides Uncle Sam. That being said, you have a pitch for life insurance beautifully laid in front of you. Nothing wrong with that; even more, it is presented as an investment due to the generally unknown tax benefits of a well written life insurance policy. The author – who drew policies of this sort in his career – fairly cautions the reader on getting advice from reputable firms and agents in order to have a well put together plan and not just satisfy the sale figures of some avid business.

How appropriate this is, given today’s economic quagmire. And although the interest rates cited in this book are just memories of a better past, we still have to think of our financial future. All in all, “Tax-Free Retirement” needs to be read; it helps paint the big picture and gives a unique and viable perspective on your financial past, present and future.

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