Not the usual carp(e) libris reviews-type title?  Maybe not, but I couldn’t resist.  I suppose it was the photo of those golden eyes on the cover that drew me in, and who says you can’t judge a book by its cover.  Certainly I have found oftentimes you can.  Because the story of Dewey is every bit as heartwarming as the darling tabby cat on the book jacket.  

Written by librarian Vicki Myron of Spencer, Iowa, the book Dewey tells the true story of an abandoned kitten dropped through the book return slot on a cold January morning.  He landed not only in a stack of books but in the heart of a whole town and how he affected the lives of many simply by being the right cat in the right place and time makes for a wonderful tale.  As Dewey’s notoriety spread, he became known all over the world.  This New York Time’s Bestseller is certainly a warm fuzzy that gives a prime example of how animals affect the lives of their humans.  

I told myself not to cry at the end.  I said, “Don’t be silly, now, you’re not the squishy dribbly type to use up a box of tissue over a cat you never met.” Yeah, right.  Dewey undid me, plain and simple.  I’d recommend this touching true story as a gift for cat lovers, book and library lovers, animal lovers in general.  It fits the bill for a perfect bit of heartwarming when the dreariness of the newspaper just won’t do.

Check Out Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World

Library Cat” is set to hit the silver screen, starring Meryl Streep.

See Dewey in action in this old PBS bit:


  1. Thanks for this review, and don’t worry, I think almost everyone who read this book got something in their eye if not an all-out cry-fest.

    OMG, that video just gave me warm fuzzies for both cats. The closing song in the end, however, was just–wait for it–purrfect.

  2. What’s worse, after reading all about Dewey, I got all misty watching him. It was nice to see Dewey in his library after reading all about him! And the wave – who could resist that wave?

  3. We’ve not managed to get our hands on the book yet through our library but we’ve got a special place in our hearts for this book as that’s a hometown story for my mom! She remembers visiting the library and seeing Dewey often.

  4. aww, my cat looks almost like Dewey. what a nice little story. I hope it doesn’t encourage people to drop off their kittens in drop boxes and other such places.

    The story line certainly grabs ya though. Thanks for the post!