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So Glad We'll Be Hanging Out Again!


Yes, it’s been a long and lonely winter, but welcome back to carp(e) libris reviews! And where was our fearless reader of all things between two covers?  Hibernating, I suppose.  With work stacking up from my real world job, and all the responsibilities that go along with parenting and working small business besides, I had to lay aside my carp(e) activities – in fact, I thought my book review days were over aside from whatever books I occasionally review on my other blog dkMommy Spot.  But I discovered something – I missed it tremendously.  I did in fact continue to read books, but they weren’t the latest releases, and they weren’t all indie press.  I continued to listen to music, but nothing very new either.  And when I finished listening or reading, I didn’t have all of you to share it with.  I kept finding myself coming up with things I wanted to tell you about this or that book, and it was that missing, along with email from some of you (thank you so much!) that encouraged me to pick up where I left off.

But as with every spring and every end to hibernation, changes and newness will be added.  I’ll still be adding indie book and music reviews, and many with giveaways.  And I’ll still be doing reviews and giveaways that book and music lovers will appreciate.  But I’ll be tossing in the occasional review of books and music published by some of the mainstream presses.  This isn’t to take away from the brave and distinctly different world of indie, but rather a way for me to feed my urge to read a little bit of everything.  Besides, oftentimes an artist who started out as indie does not remain indie; in these cases I want to make sure we can all continue to follow them.

So welcome back to carp(e) libris reviews!  I hope you’ll continue to find what you’re looking for in indie books and music, and that you’ll enjoy the new additions as they arise.  I’m looking forward to it myself.  I sure have missed you!  I think the goldfish has too.

Enter carp(e)’s latest book giveaway!

I wanted to make sure everyone who reads carp(e) libris reviews knows about a special week at my other blog, dkMommy Spot.  Starting today (April 20, 2009) we’re having a full week of giveaways and informative articles to help raise awareness of breast cancer prevention.  Please stop by and feel free to enter the giveaways!  We’ll be giving away health and beauty aids, anti-oxidant rich goodies, and chemical-free cleaning products so don’t miss out!

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While it’s still January, I thought it would be fun to recap the year 2008 and what it’s meant for carp(e) libris reviews.  I started this blog right before Christmas in 2007, so it’s been 13 months since it all began.  How many books have I read? 92 books for this blog and 8 more for dkMommy Spot.  My goodness, 100 books exactly!  An unintentional goal and a wonderful surprise to me.  

You may wonder what’s coming up for 2009, and I have to say I’m wondering too.  Life brings many surprises, but there are several changes in the works I’m planning.  You’ll be happy to learn that in addition to bringing you reviews of indie published books from around the world, carp(e) will begin reviewing indie music from around the world too, much in the same eclectic flavor you’ve come to expect from the books.  I can promise a strong foreign music influence and hopefully some CD giveaways, artists permitting.  Expect some jazz, world beat, electronica, and whatever else strikes the musical chords of this blogger.

You’ll also see a greater variety of books being reviewed as I add some guest bloggers with different tastes and areas of interest.  We’ll be focusing on more art, some architectural books, interior design, photography books, and more, all coming from the indie presses of course.  

We’ll also continue on with lots more great giveaways that will appeal to all our artistic souls. So hang onto your indie seats and get ready for the continuation of 2009!  200 books this year?  Who knows?  The surprise is half the fun.

I must end with a big thanks to all of you for your continued support, loyal readership, and fantastic comments.  I’m thoroughly enjoying this blog and can’t wait to continue.  Thanks to all the authors who have kept in contact.  It’s been wonderful getting to know you as well, and hopefully I’ll meet more of you face to face in the coming year.  

To every one of you, thanks for reading!

For any of you not familiar with my other blog, dkMommy Spot, I’m hosting a very big giveaway week!  Dreaming of a Green Christmas started officially on Monday with new giveaways added every day, but you’re still in time to enter everything.  I’ll be adding more great giveaways right through Friday, so be sure to check it out.  I have a special page that lists all the giveaways as they post, has lots of coupon codes to use all over the net, and provides lots of links to other giveaway sites.  Bookmark it and come join us in all the fun!

It’s been a long time coming – the old template wasn’t keeping up with me, and I really wanted something 3-column.  While this isn’t the final look for carp(e) libris reviews, it’s at least a start!  So hang on with me because the fish are coming back.  You see, I can’t part with the fish.  Where would the carp(e) be without the carp?  

In the meantime, my review shelf is bulging with great stuff.  In fact, I have two books headed for review soon, both to be Goldfish Award Winners, and they’re both scheduled for giveaways.  So keep checking back for your chance to win one of them.  I promise to keep the “moving” dust off them.