If you visited carp(e) libris this weekend, you may have stumbled upon this instead. Or possibly you went to your Google Reader or some such site to find out what carp(e) libris had to say, and you found several postings there, but they were all on feeding your toddler or the beef scare. Not to fear – carp(e) libris reviews is still up and running. In fact, so is dkMommy Spot. But during some weekend blog tinkering, a couple wires got crossed – and voila! All book readers were suddenly siphoned over to the world of organic baby food, etc.

I won’t name names or point fingers here, because this is exactly why I don’t dare attempt blog technical stuff on my own. The results would have been much more dire. But I think it’s fair we forgive my husband said person and move on. Besides, a few of you commented after the incident, telling me how much you enjoyed seeing dkMommy Spot for the first time. Hey, I’m sure some of you are interested in learning natural remedies for clearing that stuffy nose


  1. Ha. That’s okay. I had only just begun visiting your blog myself. Was confused, but enjoyed the posts about food, I might begin subscirbing to that one, too!

  2. What good are husbands, anyway? Mine is useless at the computer, and he freely admits it.

  3. I would like natural remedies or any remedies for the itching, sneezing and watery eyes that converge on me as soon as the Bradford Pear trees start blooming and don’t quit until we have a good rain in early June. Off to the ENT tomorrow and will probably start injecting natural stuff into my veins to help with this. I’m certainly not going to let it keep me off of the golf course.

  4. You’re in luck Di! I have an allergy relief post coming up on dkmommyspot.com in the next day or two. Just a few nasal relief tips… Funny, pear trees used to make me break out in giant hives as a kid. Well, not funny. Itchy. So glad I outgrew that one!

  5. Hi, just want to let you know that the homepage links to February’s giveaways, and I can’t find the current home page. Good luck fixing the glitches–love your blogs!