You may have noticed some of the book images on my blog have a cute little goldfish beneath them with the words “carp(e) libris goldfish award”.  What is that, you ask?


I try to choose books for review that I am pretty confident I’ll like.  I prefer to share with you books you’ll want to read, as opposed to books you need to avoid.  So that’s what you’ll find here – interesting books to add to your reading lists.  But on occasion, a book really grabs me and I want to hold it up and wave it around so you don’t miss it.  They’re rather personal choices as well, because let’s face it – we all find books that speak to us and we feel we can call our own when we’ve finished the last page.  That’s why I have the Goldfish Awards.

To find all these extra special books, you can check the Categories section on the right.  They’re all there under Goldfish Award Books.  So get out your paper, fire up your LibraryThing, and start taking notes!