For most of us, the wilderness of Alaska is shrouded in a beautiful mystery. We picture pristine forests, clear rivers and all manner of wildlife.  Its culture is diverse and unique from much of the lower 48, and it is these two elements – the land and the culture – that give Garth Stein’s novel Raven Stole the Moon the perfect soil in which to plant a story.

Raven Stole the Moon begins in Seattle where a husband and wife struggle to survive the two-year anniversary of their son’s death.  In an effort to make sense fo it all, wife Jenna suddenly flees her life and finds herself in a remote town in Alaska, reconnecting with her heritage and trying to find closure by returning to the land of her son’s death.

But no sooner has she found herself in Alaska than strange and otherworldly things start to occur.  Her Tlingit ancestry resurfaces, bringing with it all the myths and legends she’d assumed were nothing more than fairy tales.  But it seems there may be more to the town’s stories of Tlingit folklore.  Jenna begins to question the events surrounding her son’s death.  What really happened?

Stein, author of bestselling work The Art of Racing in the Rain, has a writing style that is fully engaging, a mixing of mystery and suspense with a bit of romance, and he weaves a tale filled with the supernatural without losing the realism.  His voice is fresh and unique, and anyone searching for a book that holds them tight right to the end will find such an experience in Raven Stole the Moon.

Want to win your own copy of Raven Stole the Moon?  We’re giving one away!

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1.) Just tell me about a supernatural occurrence.  It can be something that happened to you, or you can get creative! Or maybe you think it’s all bunk – tell me! (***You may enter once a day, but please list a new item you like each time.) Remember, leave an interesting comment. If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

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  2. I was visiting my grandmother in the hospital, who was dying. She was lucid most of the time and family members had been talking with her. I was now standing at the foot of the bed and I watched as her attention and focus changed to my direction, but I realized she was looking at and talking to “someone” standing next to me, but there was no one there. From the conversation I could tell it was my late grandfather and it was a pleasant talk and then she said, “yes I am ready” and moments later she passed.

  3. My in-laws used to live in a house that we swore was haunted. You would feel as if someone was walking by you. The dogs would watch things move and there was nothing there. One night, a cabinet in the kitchen just opened up and a casserole dish, didn’t fall out, but sort of just came out and was placed on the floor. We were all pretty spooked after that incident because we watched it happen!

  4. The day my husband died, the wind made noises in the hollyhocks that it never made before or after—and he hated those hollyhocks.

  5. My mother-in-law passed away the morning of her daughter’s wedding. She showed up to the ceremony in the form a full rainbow. That rainbow seemed to follow us for the entire year following her death.

  6. i believe that people come back and give messages to love ones [email protected]

  7. Thanks for this giveaway. When my mother died unexpectedly and young from that day on I experienced premonitions of which many came true.

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  10. When my son adopted a rescue dog, this dog, which none of us had seen was a duplicate of my husband’s dog. When my husband was a young boy. Everyone remarks about this resemblance.

  11. My father in law passed away a few years ago. He used to come and sit on my garden bench while I worked in my garden. One day after he was gone I noticed a beautiful Cardinal calling out to me from the rooftop of the garage, it flew down and landed on the exact side of the bench that dad always sat on and started chirping his song. It made me think of dad and know that he was near.

  12. My husband was called about a job from his old company that we left to help my parents as we drove to mom’s funeral.

  13. don’t know about ghosts, but I’ve seen a UFO.

  14. My Mother, who is NOT fanciful, woke up in our old house & saw a little girl with long hair wearing a long nightgown. My mother was not afraid & said the girl just vanished. All the girls in the family had short hair & wore PJ’s.

  15. Timothy Chalfant

    We had a Ouija board and I swear the planchette honestly move on its own spelling out the people who lived in our house before us!!!

  16. My college roommate and I where out shopping when a feeling came over me that something terrible had just happened. I told her about the feeling, we finished shopping and went back to our dorm where they gave her a message her mother had just died from a heart attack.

  17. mary henderson

    My friend watched as her deceased mother appeared at the foot of her bed, smiled at her and then slowly drifted down the stairs.

  18. Judith (from Israel)

    My husband sees auras. He says that I have a yellow aura. What does that signify?

  19. One night I was almost asleep and I felt something pass over my bed, not once, but three times. My dog even looked up from the floor like she saw something.

  20. After my stepdad’s funeral someone took a picture of my mom, sister, and me. When the picture was developed there was a white light shape behind us, with no explanation for it.

  21. I was working in a service bar at a restaurant. One night I spotted a severely cracked glass on the shelf. Not wanting anyone to pick up the glass and have it break, I went to remove it. When I barely touched the glass, another glass shattered on my wrist, cutting me. Later, I went to get that broken glass again. Then I noticed that the glass that cut me had traveled horizontally 18″ to get me! I turned around slowly and said, “I know you’re here. That wasn’t funny.” The responce was several things on top of the cooler fell off. Then I invoked the name of God, and ordered it out of the restaurant. A lot more things fell, and then it was gone.

  22. this sounds great

  23. christopher h

    it’s all bunk – but the book sounds like a good read

  24. The last house I lived in was over 100 years old. We heard what sounded like someone going up and down the stairs when there was no one there. This happened pretty regularly and we got used to it. House settling or……..

  25. Judith (from Israel)

    My father-in-law communicates with dead people – when he’s asleep. They come to him in his dreams.

  26. Deborah Wellenstein

    When I was a little girl, I had a best friend named Cindy. (I think this really happened, although I’m not sure). One day, Cindy and I and a bunch of kids were playing outside, when Cindy sat down on the ground, and appeared to go into a trance. The next thing we knew, we could hear Cindy calling me, but her voice was coming from down the block! This could all have been a strange dream, but it still feels real to me.

  27. Shorty after we bought our first house, we were sitting in the living room with some friends. It was in the evening. Several of use happened to look at the staircase at the same time…and we all gasped. We swore we saw something white floating up the stairs. It was the eeriest thing. And we weren’t even drinking.
    Thanks for the review and giveaway. Sounds like a good book.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

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    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  29. I have seen a lady in white at my moms old house. Everyone in my family had seen her one time or another. She was standing at the side of my bed which scared me a little. I turned to me side and looked away then looked back and she was gone.
    .-= Shilo Beedy´s last blog ..CSN Slow Cooker Review =-.

  30. I hadn’t seen my father in almost 20 years. I would occasionally tell my son about him. But for some reason for a week or so, I couldn’t stop thinking or talking about him. The very next week, I received a phone call he was dying of cancer in my town’s hospital. Now this is not where he lived, so it was odd he would be here. When I arrived with my son he was in a coma. I told him I was there and that I wanted him to meet his grandson for the first time. He woke up. At first the nurses wouldn’t believe it. I was able to talk to him, and make peace with the past. I took care of him until he passed 6 weeks later.
    [email protected]

  31. Personally, I don’t believe because I’ve never seen anything. My aunt lived in a supposedly haunted house. There were stairs that led to nowhere and boots that walked across the living room by themselves.

  32. I turned the outside water off by thinking about it. That, or the timer was messed up.

  33. The only thing I can think of was when I was about 11 or so I had a dream that my friend who lived on my street was moving. I found out the next day that they really were moving. My husband swears he saw “Shadow People” in our old house. I never did. Who knows? Hope these count.

    Sounds like a cool book. Thanks for the chance!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  34. anything is possible

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  38. I strongly believe in the supernatural but am afraid if I write an occurance, it will come true!

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  40. My brother was in a car accident and he died, but, his pacemaker clicked in
    and he lived.

  41. One night after I had gone to bed I awoke suddenly to find a man figure in my bedroom. To me it seemed he came up through the floor in smoke. He told me he was the main Devil not one of his associates and he had come for me. I couldn’t make a sound. I wanted my wife. The only thing I could think of was my daughter’s name. He disappeared. It really shook me up. I know people will think it is a dream but I’m not too sure. I’ve had other strange occurrences while out late at night.

  42. Candice Murray

    Years ago I was laying in bed with my infant daughter, just day dreaming and a vision appeared before my eyes of Jesus with out stretched hands, like he was greeting someone, expecting someone! I looked away, but the vision was still there. The phone rang and I answered it and it was my
    mother who was very upset, they had
    just found my grandmothers boyfriend dead in his home. I was afraid at first, but after I thought about it, I knew Jim had made into heaven and was with Jesus! I never told my grandmother about it – and now she is passed too!

  43. I am a believer! I met a woman that saw a young boy (ghost) by me and asked if I lost a child. She described my son down to his eye color! He was 27 when he passed but I always said he acted like a 13 year old because he was ADD /ADHD.
    He looked like he was about 13 and was with me. I never met this woman and was so surprised!
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