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So Glad We'll Be Hanging Out Again!


Yes, it’s been a long and lonely winter, but welcome back to carp(e) libris reviews! And where was our fearless reader of all things between two covers?  Hibernating, I suppose.  With work stacking up from my real world job, and all the responsibilities that go along with parenting and working small business besides, I had to lay aside my carp(e) activities – in fact, I thought my book review days were over aside from whatever books I occasionally review on my other blog dkMommy Spot.  But I discovered something – I missed it tremendously.  I did in fact continue to read books, but they weren’t the latest releases, and they weren’t all indie press.  I continued to listen to music, but nothing very new either.  And when I finished listening or reading, I didn’t have all of you to share it with.  I kept finding myself coming up with things I wanted to tell you about this or that book, and it was that missing, along with email from some of you (thank you so much!) that encouraged me to pick up where I left off.

But as with every spring and every end to hibernation, changes and newness will be added.  I’ll still be adding indie book and music reviews, and many with giveaways.  And I’ll still be doing reviews and giveaways that book and music lovers will appreciate.  But I’ll be tossing in the occasional review of books and music published by some of the mainstream presses.  This isn’t to take away from the brave and distinctly different world of indie, but rather a way for me to feed my urge to read a little bit of everything.  Besides, oftentimes an artist who started out as indie does not remain indie; in these cases I want to make sure we can all continue to follow them.

So welcome back to carp(e) libris reviews!  I hope you’ll continue to find what you’re looking for in indie books and music, and that you’ll enjoy the new additions as they arise.  I’m looking forward to it myself.  I sure have missed you!  I think the goldfish has too.

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