Hello and welcome to the new location of carp(e) libris! The move to its own domain is going to give this blog more breathing room, more opportunity to expand into what I have planned for it, and for what I haven’t even thought of yet.

If you’ve been a subscriber to carp(e) libris at Blogger, please take a moment to subscribe here in the right hand column. I’ve got a shelf full of books for review with numerous giveaways, and if you continue your subscription here, you won’t be left out of a single drawing. Yes, subscribers to the new site will be eligible for every giveaway, just as before! And if you’ve linked to carp(e) libris in your blog roll, please redirect that link here. The old site will remain, but it will not get any new posts. Those will all be right here.

In honor of the site’s move, I have a nice lineup of several giveaways starting in the next day or two. Check back often, and help me spread the word about carp(e) libris. The bigger it gets, the easier it will be to promote all the wonderful books published by the indies!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Congrats on the new domain :)
    And Love the new digs – so clean and easy to read.