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One of my favorite genres is mystery.  I like a good pulpy, noir mystery classic; a page turner if you will.  I used to read them all the time.  I still own stacks of old Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen magazines that I can’t seem to part with, but since starting carp(e) I haven’t been able to sink my teeth into a nice bit of pulp in quite sometime.  I suppose that’s because carp(e) focuses on indie presses, and I haven’t stumbled on any old mysteries coming out of the indies.  But thank goodness for Academy Chicago Publishers!  They’re bringing back the Charlie Chan series, complete with incredible pulp art covers, and I’m having the time of my literal life.

First int he series is The House Without a Key.  The famous Chinese sleuth of the 1920’s Hawaiian Islands is introduced to the world for the first time.  Published originally in 1925, The House was rather revolutionary in that the hero was Chinese – an intelligent, witty, particular detective.  The characters in The House Without a Key are Bostonian upper crust, oftentimes surprised to find the man in search of the murderer is not as “white” as they.  It’s fun seeing the characters change their tune as Chan so cleverly works out the mystery.  

In The House Without a Key, young John Quincy from Boston travels to Hawaii to retrieve his wayward aunt.  But upon arrival he discovers a cousin has been murdered.  This high class Bostonian family can’t afford the scandal, however – and Cousin Dan has a sordid past that can do nothing but create scandal.  Young John Quincy finds himself in the heat of the mystery and it’s having quite an effect on his old money, old family preconceived notions of the world.  What’s more, no one seems to be able to put the clues together – no one but the famous Charlie Chan.

Want to win your own copy?  Snag the first of the Charlie Chan series ($14.95 retail) and get going on the upcoming collection!  

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  1. I like it

  2. I love a good mystery and love trying to figure out who committed the crimes.

  3. I enjoy reading and mysteries are the most interesting type of reading. Plus, Charlie, along with Hercule, are at the top of my want list, so please feel free to send it anytime.

  4. happy monday :)

  5. Monday’s entry!

  6. Happy Monday :)

  7. Reading mysteries gives you a chance to exercise your brain trying to find out the culprit>

  8. Hope you have a mysterious monday!

  9. Please accept this as my entry for April 20, 2009… Thank you!

  10. monday entry

  11. I have an hour break over lunch. What am I doing entering contests when I should be reading a great book!

    Bcteagirls last blog post..Pinecone Research Canada is Growing – Invites available!

  12. Mysteries are puzzles and I like both!

  13. i raised my nephew on Charlie Chan movies instead of cartoons!

  14. I like mysteries because it feels like it makes my brain work harder trying to figure them out!

  15. I subscribe

  16. colten edwards

    good luck to everyone in the draw tomorrow

  17. I believe it’s an underlying curiosity that is inherent from birth. A desire, be it simple or complex, to understand that which evades straightforward comprehension. 😉

  18. i love the trying to figure out who did aspect. I love how my mind works when reading a good mystery!!!!!

  19. I love mysteries because that “Hold you breath and spine tingling feeling” is exciting. Plus I like trying to see if I’m smart enough to figure them out ahead of time.

  20. I love a well written mystery. I try to figure out the ending but I am usually wrong. They make you think and entertain at the same time.

  21. I am a subscriber.

  22. I didn’t even know I loved mysteries until I read my first one as an adult last year. I had forgotten how much fun they were. They’re the perfect kind of story for curling up under a blanket with a steaming mug of tea.

  23. We’re down to the wire now. If I don’t win it, I will end up buying the book, anyway.

  24. Mysteries keep me interested and I don’t want to put the book down.

  25. I am a subscriber.

  26. I Love mysteries

  27. Deborah Wellenstein

    I love the whodunit aspect of mysteries. Thank you!

  28. Please accept this as my entry for April 21, 2009… Thank you!

  29. about all I read are mysteries

  30. I love mysteries because I love trying to guess the answer. I am always wrong but it is fun trying.

  31. Hope you all have a terrific tuesday!

  32. happy tuesday

  33. Jennifer Hedden

    enter me

  34. I like the suspense. It’s so great to be sitting there late in the evening visualizing what is going on with the character.

  35. My first introduction to mysteries was through Sherlock Holmes books. I love the way he used logic and smarts to outwit the bad guys. I now read modern mysteries and the suspense is what keeps me coming back. I love trying to figure out the ending and I am happy when I am way off, that means it is a really good mystery.

  36. it’s not the body on the floor, it’s the puzzle in the mind that holds the key to the love of mystery.

  37. Happy Tuesday!

  38. my tuesday entry

  39. Jennifer Jozwiak

    I like mysteries because I enjoy trying to figure out where the story is going to go. I’m usually wrong ha but it’s still fun.

  40. I love mysteries because they’re so suspenseful and exciting!

  41. I subscribed by email.

  42. Love mysteries especially those set in the 1930’s with wise craking,gum poppin’ dizzy Dames. Charle Chan is one of my favorite gumshoes,or ‘private dick’!

  43. I am le follower,merci 😉