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One of the most interesting things about a collection of short stories by the same author is following the progression of skill and tone. Since most of these collections are written over a greater period of time, I often find myself reading a short story and wondering what was happening in the author’s life to inspire a plot, a character, a voice. This is certainly the case in Delta Pearls, a book by Judith Bader Jones, published by Sweetgum Press.

Winner of the 2007 William Rockhill Nelson Award in fiction, Delta Pearls is a book of shorts set in the Missouri Delta. The stories are written in a variety of time periods, and every one shares the spirit of the South. If Hallmark commercials get you teary, then several of these tales will have you reaching for the box of tissues also. Most of the stories have a positive heartwarming feel, but my favorites were more bittersweet. In fact, I daresay my favorites were most likely those which were gleaned from the author’s personal experience; there were several that stood out above and beyond the others, with extra heart and soul woven in.

My favorite story of all? A Family Gathering. If Bader Jones chooses to write a full novel, she could expand on the characters in this book and easily keep the readers’ attention.

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  1. 1Qtpies7

    I blogged your contest.

  2. 2dodo

    I find this book intriguing because I think it is interesting to see how stories in a collection are connected and yet how each stands on its own.

  3. 3windycindy

    Hi! I like the idea of several short stories. Sometimes, that is all I am in the mood to read! Also, time periods interest me. I cry very easily, so I would definitely need a box of kleenex within reach. I am also a member of your newletter. Please enter me in the contest for this wonderful book. Thanks for the contest! Cindi

  4. 4Paige

    I just subscribed so I can be entered in your contests! Fun!

  5. 5Tiffany

    I am subscribed to you through Bloglines.
    I think what interests me about this book is that it is based in Missouri and I live in Missouri. I love stories about places I am familiar with! Also, I am always looking for new authors! Thanks for the contest! I will post about it on my blog.

  6. 6Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings

    I’m sub’d

    blogged ya:

  7. 7P. J. Grath

    Not only did I subscribe, but I’ll be glad to put a link on my site to yours. Several of my readers are keen on short stories, which has been a topic more than once in my blog, so thanks for your recommendation.

  8. 8drala

    A family gathering would be the perfect setting for short stories.

  9. 9Tara

    I’ve never read this author and I am always intrigued by a good read!

  10. 10Jane Marie

    Just the title alone would tempt me to pull this book off the shelf. I love anything that has a great title and good looking cover. Call me shallow!!

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