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Boxing for Cuba by Guillermo Vincente Vidal

When I recently started carp(e) libris, I had a vision. I wanted to bring books to readers, unique pieces of literature hunted like gold from small presses who publish works as labors of love. I have found one of those books. Boxing for Cuba by Guillermo Vincente Vidal is exactly the kind of book I wanted to share when I began this blog. It’s written courageously, from the heart, and in such an honest, strong style that I won’t soon forget it.

Boxing for Cuba, published by Ghost Road Press, is the memoir of a man who left Cuba as a boy with Operation Peter Pan in 1961. Operation Peter Pan carried more than 14,000 Cuban children between the ages of 6 and 16 to America to save them from Fidel’s regime. Unfortunately, with too few homes to accept all these children until their parents could hopefully someday join them, many, like Guillermo and his two brothers, ended up in orphanages. Through the pain and struggle of feeling abandoned when his parents sent him and his brothers away, to the reunion of his family only to find his mother and father fight just as viciously as before, Boxing for Cuba brings you an amazing memoir you won’t be able to put down. The journey starts and ends with Cuba, taking you from the tropical home of Vidal and his family, to the U.S. where he grew to adulthood in Colorado, and finally circles back to an emotional visit to his homeland. It’s a story of family history and of learning to be proud of who you are and where you come from. There’s so much to be gleaned from this book, and anyone who reads it is sure to put it down feeling they’ve grown from it.

If ever a book gives the perfect example of why I adore the memoir, this is it.

6 comments to Boxing for Cuba by Guillermo Vincente Vidal

  • Mike

    It sounds very enticing. I must search it out. Thanks

  • geisha

    I am reading the book and it brings back so many memories that i thought were burried deep in the bottom. I’m cuban and have been here in colorado for 8 years now and would like to know anyting about this author if anyone knows, he is a live example of what a person can do and the strenght we have deep inside.
    pardon my writting, tks, geisha, aurora, colorado.

  • Al

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  • Al

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  • jay

    I play ball with Bill and his book is amazing… i read while working out and thank god i sweat a lot because there are times when his circumstance will have you in tears and at the gym that can be a bad thing…
    wonderful insight into what the haitian kids coming to america are/will be going thru in the years ahead…
    a great book, a great read, and a different look the way we used to house kids… and hope these kids from haiti won’t be housed in that way…

  • Great article and very worth for read. More power and god bless

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