“Water Ghosts” – Formerly “Locke 1928″ by Shawna Yang Ryan

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If you’ve been visiting this blog long enough, perhaps you remember one of my favorite books from 2008, Locke 1928 by Shawna Yang Ryan.  I love being able to follow up on authors whose works I’ve reviewed, and it’s such a great feeling to discover a book I favored is going even stronger now than last year!  

For anyone who knows a little about the publishing industry, you’ll know how hard it is for an author’s work to not only go from a paperback to a hardcover, but from an indie press to one of the big guys.  That’s just what Shawna Yang Ryan has done with Locke 1928, which has recently been republished by Penguin Press in hardcover under the title “Water Ghosts“.  

I’m really proud to have been given the opportunity to review Ryan’s book under its first publication with El Leon Literary Arts, and it’s pretty exciting to see the book reaching an even wider audience.  Here’s a bit of the description I gave in my review: “When three Chinese women float to shore on a dilapidated boat after having been adrift at sea for over a month, the men of the town line up to woo them. The madame of the local brothel begins having visions she takes as a warning. The pastor’s wife, the only “whitewoman” in town who isn’t a prostitute, takes two of the women under her wing, and it could be a big mistake.” You can read the review in its entirety here: Locke 1928. This book will transport you to 1920’s Locke, California.  The town was real, making the story even more enticing.  By the time you finish reading, you’ll swear the characters were real too.

A big congratulations are due to Shawna Yang Ryan.  We look forward to hearing about your continued success!  Just remember us when you finally meet Oprah…

I have two copies of Water Ghosts in its beautiful new hardcover format (retail $25) to give to a couple of very fortunate carp(e) readers!

Multiple Options for Entry:

1.) Just tell me a short ghost story! It can be one sentence or a paragraph; this book is about what happens when a Chinese ghost story comes true, so give us a scare. (You may enter once a day.) Remember, leave an interesting comment.  If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

2.) Email subscribers get an extra entry for as long as their subscription is active.

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Feel free to do all four to gain several entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Wednesday, May 6, 2009, to enter.

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117 comments to “Water Ghosts” – Formerly “Locke 1928″ by Shawna Yang Ryan

  • desiree kelley

    would love to read it

  • john iavarone

    sweepstakes entry ~ hope i win !

  • Mary D

    Beyond the attic dormers, autumn moaned across the countryside in the shape of skeletal trees twisted by a wind which knew no rest, hurling pockets of faded leaves to flutter against the lowering sun like starlings seeking roost afore the coming night. A shard of autumn’s sun crept across the bare board floor and peeked into an ancient mirror that had slept away the centuries under an aged blanket of webs and dust. Without warning, the mirror awoke from its uneasy slumber and hurled a swath of crimson light across the room like a knight might weld his sword in battle. It heard a key grate in the rusted lock floors below it, and with it the shrieking protest of a door unused to entry. Who dared to breach the threshold and disturb the dead’s own rest? Slowly, ever so quietly, an etherial form more smoke than man lifted itself from the glassen bed. Life, it seemed, now beckoned, and the ghost, so long denied the taste and touch of existence, had emerged a ravenous beast. And so the feast began…

  • Amber G

    Ahh…I want to win! I used to think there was a ghost in my basement because I would hear weird sounds down there at night. I would turn off the lights and think that I only had ten seconds to run up the stairs, or I would be captured by the ghost! No, I never did find the ghost, but it’s the only ghost story I have.

  • adrienne Gordon

    we actually lived in a house with paranormal activity. Lights went out, doors closed…and it was across from a cemetary

  • wanda flanagan

    I lived in a house with a ghost growing up .I saw him as did my little sister .Things sometimes went flying across the room and once the couch lifted at one end while my dad was laying on it taking a nap.

  • Hi ! I’m already a subscriber and i would like to enter the contest, please !

    acrisalvess last blog post..2009 Locus Award – Finalistas

  • Liz

    I am a subscriber and I am very intersted in this book. Thank you:)

  • Rose

    As a young child my brother saw the spectre of a dark fiqure in a row boat late one night floating in mid air and the following morning we found out the neighbour down the road died in his sleep around the same time my brother saw the image. Yes, the neighbour was a fisherman

  • Maggie

    Thank goodness the only scary things in my life has been knowing some very strange

  • Linda

    Sounds interesting, count me in

  • Dawnlizabeth

    One dark and stormy night (cliche alert) Albert Mason decided to disprove the rumors of his ancestral home’s haunting. The house has been closed sometime and Albert sighed as he remember the better days the home had seen.
    With the economy so precarious , Albert needed desparetely to sell but ‘the Haunting’ put brakes on most interested buyers.As Albert ascended the stairs he heard a variety of squeaks,hums and noises of general mystery. He went to the first room at the stairtop and looked in at his childhod home:such a great place to grow up! But now he was grown and was back on mission. He went to the master bedroom and claimed it for the night. Although the moon was full,Albert felt better grasping his .45 pistol. He chuckled at his little anxiety and got into Mama and Pops big old bed-much less comfortable than he thought. He was too hot, too cold and altogether frustrated. After much stuggle he began to rest.
    But wait….what’s that?
    Two eyes at the bottom of the bed! He was paralyzed-how could this be? Ghots aren’t real!! His mind was racing as he slowly lowered the pistol and shot.
    OOOOOOWWWWWW! There was intense pain-he had shot his right big toe clear off.
    ….never did find the ‘ghosts’….

  • Dawnlizabeth

    I am a follower :)

  • Eva

    I’d love to read this book!

  • Angela J

    I’ve never seen one, but don’t dimiss other people saying they have.

  • Chrissy

    When I was in my early teens, there was scratching in my room at night, but everytime I called my mom and she’d flip on the light, the scratching would stop. Mom finally got tired of being woken every night and moved me to another bedroom. About a week later, a litter of baby mice fell out of the baseboard heaters in my room!

  • Catherine

    Love the idea of this book – thanks

  • Yvonne Butler

    Not so many entres, yet. Probably like me don’t believe in ghost or don’t know any stories. When we had spend-the-night parties in our pre-teens, before TVs we got on the floor in pjs and told scary stories with the light out and a lit candle. Don’t remember any stories but remember one night my dad slipped around the house and scratch on the window screan and we ran running out of the room screeming. Like to started a fire with the candle. My Mom was mad at my Daddy telling him he could have burned to house down. For a minute there I guess I believe there were ghosts or something out there scary.

  • Yvonne Butler

    I am a subscriber and want that extray entry as I would love to read this book.

  • [...] – Win the book Water Ghosts by Shawna Yang Ryan/May 6 “Water Ghosts” – Formerly “Locke 1928″ by Shawna Yang Ryan [...]

  • Judy Killen

    Sounds like a good book. I’m interested and I’m a subscriber


    I am a big read and this book sound great.

  • mindy

    sounds like a great read thanks for the giveaway

  • DeeAnn S

    Years ago I worked at a dairy bar in southeast PA. It was a popular spot during the summer months. One dreary, rainy, summer day, a coworker and I were bored, with no customers coming in, and the place was spic-n-span, so we decided to play cards. The one side of the dairy bar was a small eat-in section with a high divider between the work section and the patron side. We were sitting in the eat-in section, playing cards, when there was a tap on the front glass where customers were served thru a sliding glass window. I stood up to see who was there, and saw a young man in a helmet and black leather jacket. I ran around the divider to attend to the customer but when I arrived at the window, no one was in sight. There was a large clearing surrounding the building, so I would have been able to see if anyone was around or if there were any vehicles in the parking area. The area was completely deserted outside. Another coworkers brother (whom I did not know) had recently died, and from the description I gave of the “customer”, apparently it was him. They were twins and very close and he died sudden in a motorcycle accident. I think he came back to say good bye.

  • Amelia woke up to the early morning light streaming in through her window. It was dim, and she didn’t know quite why she was awake. As her eyes focused, she shot upright, barely holding back a scream. Her dead grandmother was sitting on the end of her bed! The specter that once was Grandma Hannah simply looked at her, eyes sad, incorporeal tears rolling down her cheeks. From what Amelia could gather, Grandma Hannah was trying to say something, though not a sound could be heard. It looked like… “I’m sorry.”
    The phone one the nightstand rang out into the silence, and this time, Amelia screamed, her eyes riveted to the phone. It rang again, and as she answered it, she looked to the base of her bed where her ghostly grandmother had been.
    “Hello?” she answered.
    “Miss Amelia Bhurkett?” she heard a man say.
    “Yes..?” Her heartbeat was picking up. What did this man want?
    “I’m sorry to tell you,” he said, “but your mother is dead. It seems she had a heart attack while driving home late last night. It looks like she was scared to death.”
    Haha, I love ghost stories! Thanks for the great contest!

  • I blogged about this contest!


    Thanks for the extra entry!

  • Angela J

    I never saw a ghost, I never hope to see one—

  • David

    I subscribe, I haven’t seen a ghost.

  • kristi blackstone

    I saw a ghost in an old hotel built in the 1800s and will never forget the feeling! No one ever believes me though! I love paranormal! Love to win this book!

  • Jana

    As she hangs the laundry she hears her sister sing, as she irons she hears her hum. They talk when wind blows. Never quite seeing her only knowing she is there. People avoid her and call her crazy because she was a only child. She tells them the grave knows more than you.

  • Jana

    I am a subscriber.

  • beth shepherd

    Thank you for a great giveaway. I grew up in a house that we believed had a spirit or at least my mom would tell me. We would hear noises and such. Well one night I had a friend over and was joking with him about our ghost and how the ghost would turn the water on in the bathroom. Bang just like that the water turned on in the bathroom sink. My friend jumped up as did I. We were alone in the house and he left immediately lol. I laughed it off but still wonder to this day…. Thank you
    [email protected]

  • Gloria Dornin

    On Ghost Mountain in Pennsylvania , I believe Bucks County, we used to drive up there in a group and like the rumours, we we parked in the dark woods. The story goes that when you parked there at night there would be a sudden scraping on the roof. Well gotta tell you since that story says it was a man hanginging from a branch swinging back and forth, when we heard that , we never looked back and beat feet. Heck yeah I was scared

  • Vicky Boackle

    this sounds like my kind of book.

  • Aliya D.

    Please accept the following true story/experience as my entry into the contest! I spent much of my childhood in Europe, living in ancient homes often hundreds of years old… When I was 5 years old, my family moved to a small town in the Portuguese countryside called Figuera da Foz; into an old stone townhouse built in the 17th century. It’s stone front was full of statues and worn down frescoes of angels and gargoyles and inside were cavernous rooms, nooks and cranies and even secret passageways and tunnels. People often say that children are especially atuned to the paranormal and supernatural and I suppose my little friend Peter fell into that category… My Nanny and my mother thought he was my “invisible friend” (for a while at least, until he started to manifest himself more and more) since we had moved to a new country and I was slightly isolated, but strange things would happen all the time… Objects would move in the house, doors would open and shut, shadows would move across rooms and hallways, laughter and giggling would be heard and at times the sounds of a child speaking. As a 5 year old, I thought nothing of it… I remember him clearly, he had curly, brown hair and brown eyes and a chubby body; he was missing his two front teeth and in retrospect he must have been approximately 5/6 years old. My mother was petrified of him as he would always try to touch her or play tricks on her… She would be drying bedclothes on the roof balcony and a small, shadow body would run behind the sheets. At first she thought it was me being silly, but after reaching and grabbing at nothing a few times she developed a serious level of anxiety and nerves. My Nanny would often find hand and fingerprints in the mornings in my paints, or my toys and clothing would be moved and thrown around (when she KNEW it was not me). For me, he was just my little friend and I explored the old house with him leading the way… I learned about secret passageways and tunnels that led to the wharf (old escape routes I suppose for the aristocratic families that resided there centuries ago).

    Thank you for the contest!

  • Vilma

    I see Dead People

  • Carla

    i’m a subscriber…

  • Aliya D.

    In 2003 while on a holiday, my sister and I were hiking all over the ruins of the Castelo del Murous in Sintra, Portugal… We came upon an area that was formerly a dungeon or prison, it was barred off, although we did not understand why considering the rest of the ruin was fully open to the public. The person in front of us got up, really close to the bars and took a photo of the dark, dripping interior, setting off his flash. He then turned and walked away, while we approached to look… But whatever was inside was upset about the flash image, because as we got close, a big whoosh went by us including a loud, moaning “ahhhhhhhhh”… My sister and I looked at one another, our faces showing fear and without a word, backed away…

    Please accept this as my entry for May 1, 2009…

  • Marlene V.

    After my dog passed away for many years I could still hear and feel her at the end of my bed. I would wake up in the middle of night and hear snoring at the end of my bed and I swear to you I was awake!!!!

  • Ronni Fox

    Love the new title

  • Sammi

    I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts, but my mom swears the house she grew up in was haunted – people appearing out of nowhere in the dark, doors slamming, the whole deal!

  • Pamela S

    My father died a few years ago and my younger brother swears he came back and “touched” him during a particularly low period of his life. He felt like he was letting him know everything would be all right.

  • Laura DeLuca

    When I was in gradeschool there was an old deserted house on the corner of my street. My and three of my frieds snuck in through a broken door. THere was an old nightgown the chair in a room that was half boarded up. Right before our eyes, that nightgown started to fill out and stand up from the chair. We never ran so fast in our lives.

  • Laura DeLuca

    I subscribe

  • I have had some odd things happen in my apartment I currently live in. My family has actually watched are curtains being pushed open really far and then close as if someone is looking out them. The thing is no one is there but you can watch them open.

    Shilo Beedys last blog post..5 Minutes For Mom Mother’s day Contests

  • Sylvia Bortman

    When I was about 7 years old, my brother, sister and myself had just finished watching a movie where they were holding a seance. We thought that we would give it a try. It was late in the evening as the 3 of us sat on the bed in our parents bedroom. We held hands and began calling up the spirits. When suddenly we head a noise coming from the corner of the ceiling. We all looked up at the same time and saw what looked like a small door in the ceiling opening up, and an odd greenish light came flowing out. We all screamed and ran from the room. That was the last time that we tried to hold a seance; we decided to leave that to the movies!

    [email protected]

  • Sylvia Bortman

    I subscribed!

    [email protected]

  • Sylvia Bortman

    I twitted at @cookie1135

    [email protected]

  • Angela J

    Never saw on, never want to see one.

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