PhotobucketCongrats to winner Susan!  You’ll have a lot of fun reading this one.  Sometimes memoirs are stranger than fiction.  Maybe that’s why I love them so much–the knowledge that the stuff you’re reading actually happened.  So is the case with Walking Through Walls by Philip Smith.  Probably the most unusual memoir I’ve ever read, Walking Through Walls takes you through Smith’s life growing up with a father who is an interior designer with powerful psychic abilities.  Smith’s father becomes more and more dedicated to learning about his gift, and while he uses his gifts to help and heal, his bizarre lifestyle sometimes gets the better of Philip.  After all, when your father’s a psychic it’s hard to get away with much.

Philip Smith’s writing style is nothing short of absorbing.  His ability to put his life into a smoothly flowing, engaging novel format makes this a fascinating read no matter what your beliefs on psychics and the paranormal.  The dialog is well written and convincing, and Smith holds nothing back–good or bad–when talking about his family.  These are just a few reasons this book gets the Goldfish Award.  The rest of the reasons?  Unless you’re psychic, you’ll have to read the book to find out.  

Here’s your chance to win a copy of Walking Through Walls.

3 Ways to Win:

1.) Leave a comment telling me what you think of the supernatural.  Do you believe in miracles?  Psychics? Aliens?  Be thoughtful with your comment! Winners are randomly chosen, but if the name drawn doesn’t respond, I choose the next winner by comment.

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Do all three, and you’ve got three entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Sunday, October 12, 2008, to enter.


  1. I’ve never seen a miracle, so I’m not sure. Psychic abilities? Maybe, because I’ve had those feelings myself (this will happen because I dreamed that it would…and it does). Odd. Aliens? There have to be… We can’t be the only living things in this universe.

  2. Hello, This book has my name written all over it! My degree is in Psychology and my interest in the paranormal has been long standing. I read every book about psychics, mediums and paranormal happenings that I can get my hands on! I am very surprised I have not heard about this author and his father’s abilities. On televisions, I watch “Ghost Whisperer, “Medium”,
    “The Mentalist”,etc. I am a believer and I love the “X-Files!”
    When my mom and brother passed away four months apart in 2000,
    my older sister has a strange experience! Her husband was working the night shift and she was in bed. A fog/mist started to develop in her room and she had a sense of our mom and brother were nearby. She was afraid and the mist disappeared. Please enter me in this wonderful book drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  3. I believe in miracles for sure. I believe in the supernatural. I’m not sure about aliens. At least I am not sure if they visit us here on earth. I believe in psychics….even though there are several fakes out there. I would love to win this book! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  4. I think the Supernatural is interesting. I’ve had some things happen to me that I can’t explain.

  5. i do believe in the supernatural sometimes my views change but for the most part i do i feel that you have to have an open mind and not look for it that it comes to you in different ways

  6. I believe there are spirits among us. I have personally felt my love ones shortly after they have passed on. Years ago I was with a group of friends and we saw a ghost (woman) but when we first saw her we didn’t know she was a ghost she looked real until she vanished. We have never forgotten our encounter. I love the supernatural and often wonder what life would be like if I had the gift of seeing the future or communicating with spirits.

    Thanks for the contest.

  7. If there is a God there is Angels,if there is Angels there is spirits.

  8. I was interested in spirits and became a believer when my teen son died and unexplainable things happened to loved ones near and far.

  9. I definitely believe in miracles.

  10. I do believe in spirits,I have had things happen that
    can’t be explained.I think animals see spirits all
    the time.I think some of those TV shows are made up.
    Please enter me and thanks

  11. I have to admit I have gotten more jaded towards believing in the supernatural as I have gotten older, but I still do believe there are forces in and beyond our world that we cannot explain.

  12. Something, a greater power, God is in control of the universe. I can’t explain it. I would like to win this bood.

  13. I don’t believe in the supernatural.

  14. Yes, I believe in all of the above. There are just too many strange things that happen in this world to pass them off as coincidence.
    This sounds like a very interesting read. I would love to win it!

  15. I dont know if this is still open or not but wanted to share my story anyway ,if it is please enter me.
    I do believe in miracles,have witnessed these.I sat beside a little 8 year old boy a few years ago that was struck by a truck ,he rode his bike out n front of us all.The truck in front of us hit him and he was thrown about 30 foot threw the hair and slid down the pavement about 10 or so feet.When i got too the little boy there was no doubt he was no longer with us.His body was contorted in ways that just are not possible and live,he had no vitals..(i was then a vet assistant)and worked in nursing home as well.His daddy and little sister ran over and was setting next to us crying.I told her not too cry just pray for brother,his dad knew already.Me and several other people who all at once showed up had the PRIVILEDGE of praying for this little boy.
    I have prayed then and over the years for God not too let me ever forget what i was able to witness that day.Within moments,this little boys body started..uumm..i still struggle with words to explain what we saw.It started ”fixing itsself.It was lke invisable hands were putting parts back where they belonged,,Honestly that is one of the best ways to describe it!One of his feet was under his HEAD,backwards!his other leg was bent under his back.his head was twisted way too far back,with blood of course.Within less tan a minute he looked normal and started whimpering for momma.I placed my hand on his upper chest and just whispered to him to lay very still,it was ok..i called the day to see if he was even alive,HE DIDNT EVEN HAVE A BROKE BONE! God fixed that little boy..prayers do work..
    enter me please.

    betty~simply southerns last blog post..Help areas,Healthcare,free/reduced meds/insurance and more

  16. Most of us have no idea what is out there or what is possible. I would love to read this book. I will visualize winning.

  17. Constance Spanios

    If it is meant to be, then it shall be. I don’t think I would even WANT that kind of power….. Knowing things ahead of time could be seen as a gift…. or a curse. I am happily simple.