PhotobucketCongrats to winner Susan!  You’ll have a lot of fun reading this one.  Sometimes memoirs are stranger than fiction.  Maybe that’s why I love them so much–the knowledge that the stuff you’re reading actually happened.  So is the case with Walking Through Walls by Philip Smith.  Probably the most unusual memoir I’ve ever read, Walking Through Walls takes you through Smith’s life growing up with a father who is an interior designer with powerful psychic abilities.  Smith’s father becomes more and more dedicated to learning about his gift, and while he uses his gifts to help and heal, his bizarre lifestyle sometimes gets the better of Philip.  After all, when your father’s a psychic it’s hard to get away with much.

Philip Smith’s writing style is nothing short of absorbing.  His ability to put his life into a smoothly flowing, engaging novel format makes this a fascinating read no matter what your beliefs on psychics and the paranormal.  The dialog is well written and convincing, and Smith holds nothing back–good or bad–when talking about his family.  These are just a few reasons this book gets the Goldfish Award.  The rest of the reasons?  Unless you’re psychic, you’ll have to read the book to find out.  

Here’s your chance to win a copy of Walking Through Walls.

3 Ways to Win:

1.) Leave a comment telling me what you think of the supernatural.  Do you believe in miracles?  Psychics? Aliens?  Be thoughtful with your comment! Winners are randomly chosen, but if the name drawn doesn’t respond, I choose the next winner by comment.

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Do all three, and you’ve got three entries to win! You have until midnight EST on Sunday, October 12, 2008, to enter.


  1. count me in!

  2. no
    hope to win

  3. I do believe in some things supernatural. I believe there is life beyond that on Earth. I believe in ghosts and spirits. I believe a very few people do have some type of sixth sense but I’m very skeptical as to how fine-tuned that really is.

  4. Margaret Tokonitz

    not sure if I believe

  5. I believe in it all excluding aliens. This book sounds fascinating!

  6. I believe in the supernatural. When I was young and reading HarryPotter, I always thought it was real. I really wanted to learn magic. Bu now, i only believe in ghosts and fate and luck, not really magic anymore.

  7. not sure if I believe or not.

  8. I’ve got an open mind, but I’ve never experienced anything supernatural yet in this life, and I’m not really sure that I want to.

  9. I try to believe in some of the supernatural, such as psychics and miracles, but I have yet to witness either being proven.

  10. I beleive

  11. I believe that people’s spirits stay around even though their human bodies die. I, like others who commented, have lived in an old house. I have seen and heard things in the house for which there is no rational explanation. I do also think, though, that Hollywood sensationalizes death and its horrors, to make money…and that I believe is wrong.

  12. I believe in the supernatural, like God, spirits, angels, etc. I also believe in miracles! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I don’t believe in the supernatural, but I do believe there are many unexplained things yet to be discovered.

  14. Bonny Dixon MacIsaac

    I definately believe in miracles. Have witnessed a few. Psychics, some are incredible! We love to have psychic parties at my home time to time. Makes for a fun and interesting evening. There is always more happening around us than we can see. I thank my angels and spirit guides everyday. Don’t know what I’d do without them! Thanks for an interesting giveaway. Would love to read this book!

  15. I obsolutely believe in the supernatural, spirits and that some people do have psychic abilities. We lived in a haunted house when I was young and had certain things happen – when we grew older and moved away from the house the spirit seemed to go wherever my mother moved. My neice saw a man in my mother’s basement once that disappeared when she screamed and several overnight quests (not having been told about the spirit) have made comments such as smelling cigar smoke in the middle of the night (no one smokes at Mom’s) and having items in their bedroom moved? Anyway, Mom does not seem to mind but all of us kids (in our 50s now) are very reluctant to stay at Mom’s in her quest rooms downstairs by ourselves.

  16. I love reading about the supernatural. And having seen a ghost before, I do believe in it.

  17. I love the supernatural. It is my fav. subject.

  18. I love the supernatural!

  19. Sometimes it’s scarry

  20. I’m not so sure I believe in the supernatural..

  21. I believe in everything supernatural. Why shouldn’t we. There is no way of proving that these things don’t happen and many people have known them to happen. Members of my family have seen relatives that have died and why should earth be the only planet with an intelligent life form!
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  22. I believe in the present, not the presence.

  23. I believe in everything supernatural and I can’t wait to read this book!

  24. i believe in the supernatural. here is why i believe.
    april 2008 i ended up coded on a hospital bed with my wife right there.when i was gone i saw my granmother who died when i was seven. she told me to go back to my wife that it was not my time yet

  25. I believe in the supernatural and the unexplained . I would love to read this book, count me in

  26. I definitely believe in angels. My friend had a mamogram that showed noithing wrong. While she was sleeping an angel came to her in her sleep and touched her breast and made it glow in one spot. She went back to the doctor and sure enough–breast cancer! The angel saved her life.

  27. There is something beyond the physical. My most recent experience — I was in a parking lot near a busy highway when I heard a kitten. I walked toward the sound, but she quieted down. I was about to leave when she started crying loudly and steadily and led me right to her. She was curled in some weeds right next to the road. I believe God or her guardian angel told her to speak up, because I never would have seen her if she hadn’t. She was about five weeks old and in such danger. Now, she has a good home.

  28. Personally, I believe that we don’t know enough about the twists and turns of our day-to-day dimensions, not enough to be able to say “there’s no way” for anything we don’t understand to be able to happen… Seems unlikely that anyone out there has any foolproof way to PROVE anything of the supernatural, but given the increasing distribution of cell-phone cameras and sensitive detectors of all kinds, it would seem that the odds of somebody managing to record an unexplainable event should keep rising, until… and then we’ll see.

  29. Latest theories of quantum mechanics suggest that it is possible for a very carefully ‘indistinct’ computer to behave as though it were made up of millions of duplicate computers, all overlapping, all operating on the same input information, with the output based on that ONE out of millions which has the “best” answer… And then scientists studying the brain are increasingly convinced that there are quantum effects taking place when WE think. So to suspect that “HERE” isn’t always “all there is” and “HERE” can be kind of “fuzzy” — it’s like finding out that “supernatural” is just another setting on your “available realities” dial…

    “Choose WISELY”.

  30. I believe in some of the supernatural. I have never bumped into a ghost, until I do I will be skepical

  31. I believe in miracles

  32. I do believe in miracles. I have seen too many things happen that could not be explained any other way

  33. I believe that miracles can and do happen–especially if we leave ourselves open to the possibility of them happening.

  34. As a Christian I believe miracles can happen from God. As for psychics I am skeptical. Aliens I don’t know if ours is the only world. I try to keep an open mind because our human knowledge is so limited. I believe whoever created us and is in charge want us to trust and believe sometimes things we are told even if we don’t see them. I’m speaking of spiritual matters.

  35. on the alien thing i think that if there is life on this planet there is a great chance there is on others :)

  36. I am very openminded about the supernatural. I honestly believe that young children have the most open minds and are able to have psychic abilities. Ever wonder why they are always talking to “noone”. My son did it all the time.

  37. I believe in angels, thank you.

  38. Philip Smith’s book sounds fascinating. I absolutely believe in psychics…I’m married to one.

  39. I do believe in supernatural, mediums and psychics and have had many experiences myself since childhood. I have felt and heard ghosts, and known facts about people before they told me…I do believe!!! :) Thanks for the contest.

  40. I think those who have “passed on” are hovering over us, protecting us. When we ask the angels for help, they will assist us.

  41. I want to thank you for giving us this opportunity for such a wonderful prize. It is truly appreciated.

    I believe in many parts of the supernatural, but I don’t pretend that I have all of the answers. I have dreams where I’m sure I’ve been visited by my deceased grandparents, my sister-in-law swears that her (deceased) aunts and grandmother sat at her side as she watched her dying mother’s last breaths.

  42. I would love to read this book and Yes, I do believe in my things that might be labeled paranormal. I believe that the dead are still with us if thet want to be and that they are guiding our lives along with our angels.

  43. I’m not really sure what I believe. I don’t believe in Heaven, so not sure if I can fully believe in ghosts. However, I have heard some strange things, so I don’t completely doubt them. I think that any of the supernatural phenomenon have something to do with energy vs an actual ghost.

    Ginnys last blog post..Review ~ Halloween Party Store

  44. I believe in miracles and thanks for this great giveaway.

  45. I believe in all that supernatural stuff. My FAVORITE show is “Ghost Hunters” on the Sci-Fi Channel. It’s so interesting to hear and see the things done by ghosts.

    I believe in miracles. My son being born alive is a miracle. He was almost still born.

    I believe in angels. My son, when he was 3, told my my mother had passed way about 20 minutes BEFORE my father called to tell me my mom had passed away. He said he saw her on the mountain, that she was sleeping and she was an angel. On a few other occasions he spoke about her and having interactions with her months after she passed away.

    I have seen “odd” things in the sky before and whose to say they were not aliens.

    I do believe people have psychic powers. I have seen proof of it.

    Thank you for a very interesting giveaway.

    I am also an e-mail subscriber.

  46. I do not believe in the supernatural; thanks for the contest

  47. Hello, I have a long time interest in anything paranormal. That is part of the reason my degree is in Psychology. I have a profound love of psychic shows like “John Edwards”, “Lisa Williams” and Sylvia Browne. Television shows like “Ghost Whisperer”, “Medium” and “The Mentalist” are my favorites.
    I have a strong belief in psychics helping the police with cases that go unsolved. Please enter me in your book drawing. I really appreciate it. One show I watch, that I forgot to mention is “The Haunting!” Cindi

  48. I believe they are intuits, not necessarily psychics. There has to be a supernatural world with all the unexplained that goes on. And I have experienced ghosts, well poltergeist. In a house that I lived in one of the children that resided there previously was unfortunately hit and killed by a car. She “haunted” the house and was a little rascal. I would see her out of the corner of my eye. She would move things and put my cigarettes out. At first I thought I was going nuts, but then I figured it out. I wasn’t frightened but she was a little dickens.

  49. I believe people are gifted in many ways.

  50. I surely believe in miracles, psychic abilities and, well, aliens I’m not so sure about. I believe that I, personally, have felt psychic (I believe EVERYBODY possesses this gift) and would love to exercise this further.