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If you were to blend the eclectic musical stylings of Nellie McKay add the incredible voice range of Kate Bush, you may begin to understand the wild ride Lesley Kernochan’s “The Pickle Jar” will take you on.  No need to try and pigeonhole Ms. Kernochan – that’s virtually impossible, and while it may be a frustration for many reviewers and music buffs, it’s a breath of fresh air to me.  I have listened to this CD countless times over the past few weeks, enjoying it more every time.  

Imagine being pulled and whirled through a series of musical stylings – staccato violins, banging pianos, musical saws, trombones.  Various key changes, tempo changes, timing; and that could be all in one song!  How it moves so effortlessly from mandolins and a little honky-tonk piano in one piece into a romp worthy of a stageful of dancing Roaring 20’s flappers I’m not sure, but every listen I give to it leaves me smiling and laughing at discovering some new piece of brilliance.  

Do I love The Pickle Jar?  Absolutely.  Will I look for more Leslie Kernochan in the future?  You bet your eclectic butt.  Due to this CD, I figured I’d better give special music finds the same carp(e) libris accolades bestowed upon my favorite reads, known around here as The Goldfish Award.  A humble award, yes.  I have no gleaming trophy to toss Leslie’s way, but I will offer up a virtual goldfish.  It is well earned in my opinion, and if you’re tired of the same old same old, I suggest you snag yourself a copy of The Pickle Jar and be prepared for a rollercoaster ride on a musical kaleidoscope.

Thank you to Lesley Kernochan for providing a free copy to one carp(e) libris reviews reader!  

Rules for Entry:

1.) Just visit Lesley Kernochan’s MySpace page and give her songs a listen.  Come back here to tell me what you like about it.  (You may enter once a day – following entries don’t require you to answer the question.) Remember, leave an interesting comment.  If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

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  1. I like her music because she has a unique soothing sound that I bet even my kids would like and therefor let me listen to her in the car

  2. subscriber

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  4. I’m a loyal subscriber!

  5. I’m a subscriber. It’s nice that she doesn’t sound like so many others!

  6. enter me

  7. it’s very original – it would be a nice treat to listen to

  8. i am also a subscriber

  9. She has an amazing voice!

  10. I’m a subscriber. Her music stands out from the crowd!

  11. I like her unique style.

  12. Magnifique!

  13. my saturday entry

  14. i love eclectic music and her voice is amazing! i always like to discover new music!

  15. I subscribed.

  16. Good voice, very different music

  17. I’m a subscriber. Great music!

  18. I like that it’s a little different and would add a new dimension to the playlist. Can’t quite say what that style is.

  19. Happy subscriber.

  20. she has some pretty catchy tunes i like them :)

  21. im a subscriber [email protected] :)

  22. my sunday entry.

  23. My favorite song is Pale Blue–great tonal texture! I’d love to win this CD.

  24. my monday entry

  25. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of finding this site and discovering how a brilliant young saxophone student of mine, from many years ago, has turned out. What a beautiful young lady you are; and with such an amazing voice. Who knew!?!? UhOh really sends me, esp. how your vocal duo and instrumental interludes were in such striking contrast to the rest. I keep thinking I’d like to hear you do a rendition of Kurt Weill’s “Threepenny Opera”. (Of course it has some wonderful saxophone lines in it too.) Please let me know when you are within driving distance of Santa Clarita. I’m still teaching and performing. Check out my mentoring group, Saxtravaganza. I’d like to send you our concert recording and hope you’ll send me yours.
    Here’s a YouTube link:
    All my best.