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The Fourth Canvas by Rana Bose

After his life’s work is stolen, writer and philosopher Guillermo Sanchez turns to painting as a form of expression - until he is found dead, drowned in the Seine.  About 25 years later, Claude Chiragi decides to learn the secrets behind a series of Sanchez’s paintings and the mystery behind the artist’s death.  What will he learn about the artist, the world, himself?

The Fourth Canvas by Rana Boxe is at once historical, intelligent, and fascinating.  Pick up this book and you’ll be immediately swept into a tide of captivating language and a complex plot.  Pulling you from Montreal to India to Cuba and back, you’ll find this book to be theatrical with the intensity of a brainy Bourne Identity.  Full of intrigue, Bose’s novel makes a deep political statement, feeding the mind while offering up an entertaining mystery.

With complex characters, a wide-spanning time period, and historical fact mixed with brilliant fiction, The Fourth Canvas will leave you asking, “When is the next Bose book ready?”  As a new fan of this author’s work, I’ll definitely let you know.

Rana Bose has published 10 plays and is a well-known playwrite in Canada.  His first novel, Recovering Rude, has received rave reviews as well.

Published by TSAR Publications.

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