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Looking for some sexy music to warm things up for a dramatic evening?  QuinTango’s dynamic chamber tango music is certain to heat you up enough to steam the very windows of your casa.  This tango quintet has just released its fifth CD, Triunfal, and its sound is wonderfully elegant, hot, sexy – everything a tango should be.  The quintet is made up of two violins, a cello, a bass, and a piano.  They’ve performed live the world over and have a dedicated following.  QuinTango has even performed at a White House State Dinner in 1999 when President Clinton hosted the President of Argentina, his Excellency Carlos Saul Menem.  

Starting in Buenos Aires during the turn of the 20th century, the Tango became one of the great dances of the Golden Age and has seen quite a resurgence of late through the rediscovery of ballroom dance.  QuinTango celebrates that history with its vivid collection of music.  The songs vary from the more slow and restrained to the all-out exotic and passionate.  If you don’t know how to Tango at the beginning of the CD, you’ll be looking for classes by the end!  Triunfal is certainly a triumphant collection for any serious music lover (or perhaps any serious lover, period!)

From the Washington D.C. area, this dynamic group has won 5 Wammie Awards, D.C.’s local music award, for Best Latin Recording.  See why in this video, then tell me what you think to win your own copy of QuinTango’s Triunfal CD.

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  4. great dance music! i’m always looking for more dance practice music!

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  6. I’ve always wanted to take a tango class.. maybe all I need to get me off my butt and into one is some great music? 😉

  7. I am telling you — I can see myself dancing to this one!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  11. I like all kinds of music so I’m sure I’d find something striking about this.

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  13. I love this kind of music, and the video is great.

  14. Such emotional music. I think I heard a tango from a Chaplin film. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  15. I love the sound of their music. Maybe it can help me seduce my hubby into taking tango lessons with me.

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  17. I have been really thinking lately how I want to take dance lessons — hearing this music make me really want to!!! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  18. Katherine Frazier

    I love watching ballroom dancing and the music is fantastic, plus I used to play the violin growing up so I really like the quintet aspect.

  19. Thursday’s entry. Thanks!

  20. I love this music! So many tango cd’s are so cheesy, but this makes me want to get off my booty and start dancing! My husband and I used to dance a lot back in college – this music makes me want to get back into it (‘course, I’m 9 months pregnant, so maybe we’ll wait a few months…). They put so much emotion into their music, it is very moving.

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  23. I would like to win this great prize because it sounds very interesting!

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  27. I love this music. This would be great for my wife and me to dance to.

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  29. If I can’t dance to the Tango, I at least want to listen. My hubby has two left feet. :-)

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    I would like to win this because this is a new type of
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