Every parent faces it at some point or another – empty nest syndrome. In Liam’s Going, Cathleen and Noah prepare to start this new and unfamiliar stage of their lives after their son Liam leaves for college. As Cathleen drives with her son to drop him off at college and Noah stays behind to give mother and son much-needed alone time, each of them flash back to the defining moments of their lives, both together and apart.

Author Michael Joyce has a sensitivity to language that brings an almost poetic feel, quite appropriate for a story whose protagonist Cathleen is a poet herself. Join that with realistic character building, wonderful dialogue, and a touching plot, you’ll find you have a book that’s both a pleasure and a heartbreak to absorb.

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1.) Leave a comment telling me if you’re an empty nester; or were you the one who left the nest? What do you remember about that? Have fun with your comment! Winners are randomly chosen, but if the name drawn doesn’t respond, I choose the next winner by comment.

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  1. I left the nest and did so gladly; I’d wanted my own place since elementary school.

  2. I flew the coop.

  3. we have 3 grown boys-1st left, I helped him furnish his apartment. 2nd one I was not so excited. 3rd one left-I cried

  4. I am one who nests emptily.

  5. Our nest has only visiting chicks.

  6. I’m an empty nester as of this year and I despise it. I feel so lost and alone and without purpose anymore. Nearly my whole adult life has been devoted to my children and then they just leave me. I know that’s the point but it stinks. I don’t even know what to do with myself at all. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

  7. I’m the one that left the nest. My dad was alright with it, but I sensed a lot of depression from my mom.

  8. Almost an empty nester…soon as my son leaves for college.

  9. I’m an empty nester! Its so
    hard – especially when you have only one child – my daughter is in college at SMU! Proud for her but lonely here at home for me.

  10. I am the one who left the nest. Being an only child, it was hard on my parents, especially for my dad–I was and still am Daddy’s Girl!

  11. I am the empty nester. I was going through a divorce, and my 14 year old son moved away with his father, and his 20 year old brother moved away to College. It was one of the most trying times in my life.

  12. I suppose I’m one of the ones that left the nest:) I moved away to go to college. Overall it wasn’t so difficult; however, it was expensive!! It was an eye opener to have to become quite responsible and manage everything all of a sudden…

  13. I’m the one who left the nest.

  14. i am not a empty nester i got thrown out of the nest my mom had enough!

  15. I was the one who left the nest! Although I am the youngest of four, I was the second one to leave, so I don’t think my leaving was too painful for my parents!

  16. I am the one who left the nest

  17. L’m the eagle; I’ll leave the nest anytime/anyday.

  18. I was the one who left, but my sister moved out after me, so she is the one who REALLY made the nest empty.

  19. I just left the nest for school – don’t really know how it’ll work out yet – guess i’ll find out!

  20. My last one is leaving soon. She has given us fair warning but I am not prepared. Maybe this book will give me soon insight into what is in store for me.

  21. I’m the one who’s left the nest.

  22. i still have 17 years until my son Liam will leave the nest. im not ready. good thing i have 17 years to come to terms with it!

  23. I was the nest leaver and it was very hard on my mom. I moved to a different state and had been very close to my mom. Luckily we talk most everyday and we see each other about twice a month.

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  25. gr8 statements above bro?