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Iveroni – Heroic and Love Songs from the Country of Georgia

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With traveling costs out of bounds for many of us during these economic hardships, there is still one way to put yourself into the spirit of a country without the pricey airline ticket: Music.  In the CD Iveroni, we travel to the country of Georgia to hear the traditional music of the Caucasus Mountains where we’ll hear songs of love and heroism.  The four men making up Iveroni have a verve for life; it pulses through each track, making me yearn for my traveling days when I used to do a little globetrotting in regions that played music similar to that of Georgia, found in the dividing line between Europe and Asia.

The polyphonic music of Iveroni is the sort of thing one would listen to while in a festive gathering (in Georgia it’s called a “supra”); the dinner is done, the homemade wine is still flowing, and the musicians are just getting warmed up.  There’s no sitting back to listen to this music!  Your feet will thump and you’ll feel the blood of an ancient people coursing through your veins.  The wild music that connects us all, even if we’ve not a drop of Georgian DNA, will make you grab your dancing partner for a mad spin about the room.  So open another bottle of your favorite vino and prepare to reconnect with your ancestors, whoever they might be, with the help of the spirited group Iveroni.

Hear Iveroni and purchase the CD.

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  • nata jaliashvili

    There is wery interesting information about Iveroni and Georgia. I like it much. I think this project is great.

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