I’d Like by Amanda Michalopoulou

March 25th, 2008 by Diane

I wasn’t quite sure what the title meant at first - “I’d Like”. But now I see it’s a perfect fit for these thirteen short stories with hints of longing written by Amanda Michalopoulou. Common threads loop through the stories sometimes by way of a simple object - a red beret, a porcelain cat that tends to get broken. Sometimes it’s a sentence on the weather, mentioned ever so subtly that you begin to feel a great connection between all of our stories, crisscrossing and happening simultaneously, whether past or present. Maybe someone else has the same longings as I do. They think “I’d Like…”

If you’re looking for something to move you, something that will stir in you a desire to create simply because of reading of someone else’s creation, then I’d Like is absolutely for you. The flow of the stories and the way the connections between them grow as you continue through the book is quite brilliant, giving you plenty to chew on mentally. The further the book progresses, the more you begin to “get it,” making it entertaining as well as artistic and thought provoking.

Michalopoulou’s beautifully melancholic collection was originally written in Greek and has been translated into English by Karen Emmerich. Michalopoulou is an award-winning writer with four novels, two short story collections, and several children’s books to her credit. Currently living in Athens, Greece, she also has a column in the daily Kathimerini newspaper. I’d Like will be available by Dalkey Archive Press beginning April 10, 2008.

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