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Real enough to make you wonder how the author could have lived so many lives, sad enough to hope he didn’t, Down to a Sunless Sea is a collection of short stories in varied shades of humanity.  Author Mathias B. Freese writes in a wide range of convincing voices.  One thing I like to see in a short story collection is an array of different voices.  As a character actor shapeshifts and reinvents himself from one part to the next, every one of Freese’s stories has a completely different perspective.  It’s as if the bus stops and the reader gets off and hails a taxi for the next “ride” on another point of view.  Much more enticing to a reader, I believe, than feeding the same tone over and over, changing only a scenario, as oftentimes happens in the short story collection.

The one common thread throughout the book is a sort of psychological look into each main character and a darkness that seems to permeate each life.  It wasn’t until I’d finished the book that I read on the back cover that Mathias Freese is in fact a clinical social worker and psychotherapist.  His 25 years experience in these fields has richly added to his fine capacity to tell a riveting short story; the overall impression is one of well-written human observation.

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