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What started out as a sort of experiment in using a multi-track tape recorder has resulted in David Pritchard’s unique style of acoustical guitar playing.  Like reflections of light within a prism, Pritchad’s music emits a sparkle of acoustical sound. If Philip Glass would have been a guitar player, I believe he would have been composing something like this.  The rolling arpeggios of multiple guitars bring forth a warm, contemplative sound as the songs morph almost imperceptibly.

Both of David Pritchard’s CD’s, his first being “Air Patterns” and his second “Vertical Eden“, are rhythmic and meditative pieces,  yet there’s a playfulness about them.  You can almost hear the cogs in Pritchard’s mind turning as he experiments and plays with the notes.  Yet there is still something very methodical and controlled about the style without becoming the least bit stiff or boring.  I’d view the two CD’s almost as a Part One and Part Two of a musical exploration – after hearing the first, you’ll definitely come back for seconds.

I have listened to both CD’s repeatedly, and I find something new in them each time.  While they are best listened to when you can really concentrate and draw from the music, there is an element in the style very conducive to background music when you need to focus on the task at hand – a creativity jolt, if you will.  However, I prefer my arpeggio-induced music all on its own with nothing to distract from its complex beauty.